The main goal of an online marketplace with regards to product delivery is “faster the better”. Average product delivery time is usually 5-6 business days. But, few marketplaces have stepped up a notch to deliver product in 1-2 business days or less.

Advantage over competitors

With one-day delivery service, you will have an edge over your competitors. But, you as an online seller with a vast variety of goods, satisfy urgent needs immediately, then customers will flock to you. People will be able to try your products quickly and return the ones they do not like immediately.

Less inventory hassle

With one-day delivery, you can send off your goods immediately. As a result you, need not waste time and money in holding stock for long. You can easily notify your supplier about your orders for the day so they have the goods ready for you to deliver within the day. Your margin of safety inventory will reduce. (Safety inventory being, extra products kept aside should your stocks run out.) So you have the chance to maintain the stock of a broader variety of goods.

Bigger pay day

First and foremost, consumers today want things quick. So the quicker you can deliver the better your brand will appear to them. Secondly, when your goods move quickly you can sell larger volumes. The more sales you make the more you earn for that period. With the same day delivery program, cutting down the product delivery time, allows you to sell more and earn greater amounts.

Increased productivity

You and your team will be pushed to work harder, faster and more efficiently With shorter deadlines which will make you all extremely productive. An impressive and more efficient brand increases your chances to survive in the ecommerce world.

What halts the success of same day/one-day delivery service?

●  Faster delivery can drastically increase the cost of online merchandise

●  Same day/Faster delivery service being limited to few cities is a major issue

●  Same day delivery is expensive to execute and requires research and time to understand

●  Supply networks are not very strong and people are not impressed with the current delivery options


However, Flipkart, Amazon have begun with same day delivery service and sellers have seen huge success in their sales.

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