What is D2C and Why Should eCommerce Sellers Care?

what is D2C

What is D2C and Why Should eCommerce Sellers Care? Over the last couple of years, the consumers have come to fully control their buying journey. Consumers demand personalization and trust brands more when they can directly interact with them. Many traditional brands have started wondering what is D2C , how they can leverage this model […]

Top D2C Brands in India 2022

Top D2C Brands in India 2022 The world encompasses growth through innovation. D2C companies and brands are another innovation that plans to revolutionise business models. With the pandemic changing the pace of enterprises and consumer approach, several startups along with well-established brands have now started to focus on aspects like sanitation, hygiene, health, convenience and […]

What is D2C Business?

The whole concept of Direct to Customer or D2C business model is kind of new. Which makes many wonder, what is a D2C business model? Traditional supply chains involve a manufacturer who makes and sells products to a wholesaler, who in turn sells them to a retailer. The retailer is the touchpoint between the company […]