Why is Multi-Channel the Way to Go?

It is the traditional retailer’s worst nightmare to see a customer peruse an item in their store and then flip out a smartphone to order it online. Online sales are multiplying day by day because they offer customers much more than a traditional outfit can. Studies have consistently shown the power of consolidating various channels […]

9 Things Your Invoice Absolutely Must Have

The invoice for your sales transaction is probably the most important piece of documentation you will create and share with your customer. It is imperative that extra care has to be taken in creating its format and filling the information within it. The idea of an invoice is mutually beneficial to you and your customer […]

How to Make Sure Your Team Works as a Team?

To be successful as an online seller, your business has to run with a clockwork precision. Your orders from various online channels should come together efficiently. The warehouse response to these orders must be quick and precise. Your packed items must be delivered on time and without mishaps. At the same time, the queries of […]