What is Third Party Logistics in India?

3PL or third-party logistics as you might know it as; is a way through which eCommerce businesses outsource some of their tasks. Mainly because of the increase in customer base, new locations, to update their manufacturing process, and other factors. Therefore, it is considered a better choice to outsource some tasks to third-party service providers. […]

What is Flipkart Fulfilment and how to use it | BT Seller Academy

Fulfilment by Flipkart | Browntape Academy

Contents What is Flipkart Fulfilment Who should use Flipkart Fulfilment How to register for Flipkart Fulfilment How does Flipkart Fulfilment work How to create a consignment Going live on Flipkart.com How to see FF Inventory How to recall products from FF warehouse What is Flipkart Fulfilment? Flipkart Fulfilment (previously known as Flipkart Advantage) allows sellers […]

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