Solutions to Poor Sales Growth on Marketplaces

Standing out on online marketplaces is tough as products in top categories are all quite similar. This leaves only quality feedback and pricing at your disposal for higher ranking in marketplace listings and more sales.

But, what if we told you of 3 solutions to your growth problems on e-tailer platforms?


How to speed up sales growth

  1. Less means more

Focusing on a few categories (that is not beyond 2-3) makes it easier to devise sales and cost plans. Buying these products in bulk brings down costs of supplies and in turn lets you offer attractive discounts.

  1. But more is better

Limiting your categories allows you to increase your product offerings. Take shoes, for example, offer multiple colors and patterns. The idea here is to spread yourself with multiple goods and make money from different orders. Plus, you can use the same suppliers to avail discounts.

  1. Sell everywhere relevant

Even if you are just starting out, don’t stick to a single online marketplace. Spread your wares across more than one e-commerce platform. This will increase your orders from a trickle to a steady flow.



When you sell many products on numerous platforms some things need to be taken care of like –


You can ditch all these troubles and enjoy the benefit of multiple sales with the help of our inventory and order management software.


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