Got social media for your business? Well of course you do. This is the age of the internet and you are selling online after all! We all know it is a useful tool for interaction but, ever so often we forget social media can serve as a tool for promotion and traffic generation.

Like any other online seller you look forward to floods of consumers coming through your store or seller page on online marketplaces. Advertisements may not be affordable at the moment that does not mean you give up on promotions. But you can depend on social media to promote your online brand.

Most online sellers have a variety of socials however they forget why they were created. Some may not know how to use social networks to their advantage and others may be doing all the wrong things. This affects your ability to interact with your consumers and make successful sales.

Here are a couple of social media blunders online sellers can identify with and their easy fixes!

  1. You don’t do more than exist

Promoting your wares on a social platform takes more than just existing. You may have forgotten to Facebook and tweet a long time ago or you might not have received the responses you were hoping for. And now you don’t see the point anymore.


Instead of ignoring your social pages, get back on the horse and keep posting. Post product updates multiple times a day. Not only when you have something new to sell, your online store has a new feature or you have promotional deals.

Prepare a content calendar so you don’t forget to update your socials. Note, it takes time and really compelling content to get people’s attention. Don’t give up after a few tires and always put a bit of thought into what you will post. Look at the posts that get attention. Understand why these get the likes, shares and replies that they do. The next time you post something try to replicate the same interest.

  1. You’re a silent seller

Don’t only use social media to push your products. People don’t like it when you shove your products in their faces. The whole purpose of social media is to socialize. If people do not get a response it appears like you aren’t interested in what they have to say only their money.


When anyone comments on your posts be sure to reply. Repost interesting bits and thank the people who follow you and like your posts. Acknowledging comments can help you build a desirable rapport with them. Do not only stick to advertising start conversations by asking questions and answering consumer queries. Most people ignore advertisements on social media. They want realistic interactions. Showing an interest in what people have to say tells them you care about them. It encourages comments, likes and shares. Actually talking to people online and builds your network.

  1. All you have is words

Pictures are worth a thousand words. And with social media you have the liberty of using only so many words. Pictures and videos keep things interesting. You cannot always be witty with text. The moment people see color they lose interest in all else.


Put up pictures and short catchy videos. (Maybe makeup tutorials if you sell makeup). Let consumers see your products. How other people are using and enjoying them. It’s not text that people share it’s media. This doesn’t mean you get rid of text altogether but do try to cut down the use of too many words. Also stick to relevant images and videos. Anything else will only confuse people.






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