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What Are the Fulfillment Models on Snapdeal?



One-ship Plus(Also known as OC Plus)

Snapdeal Plus(SD Plus)



In the Drop-ship model, the seller packs products in Snapdeal branded packaging & ships them via a Snapdeal logistics partner.

Products are picked from the seller’s warehouse & shipped to customers.

Seller needs to upload an order manifest signed by the courier partner.

The One-ship model is ideal for sellers receiving a high number of orders daily.

Here, the seller packs products in Snapdeal branded packaging & a designated One-ship center partner collects it from the seller, and stores it in the One-ship center.

Orders are dispatched to customers by pre-designated Snapdeal courier partners. Unlike the Drop-ship model, a handover sheet is used instead of a manifest.

A key benefit of the One-ship model is that the seller has to coordinate with only one logistics partner for all orders. This saves time & results in faster order processing.

In One-ship plus model, the order is collected from the seller in original packaging along with a pack slip/invoice and undergoes a QC(Quality-check).

The order is then packed at the OC plus center in Snapdeal branded packaging and delivered to the customer by a courier partner pre-selected by Snapdeal.

The seller gets the benefit of outsourcing packaging & order processing to the OC plus team for a nominal fee. Hence, more time can be allocated for the core business. Moreover, reviews & ratings improve as customer experience is enhanced due to faster & better shipping.

In Snapdeal Plus model, the seller stores the inventory at Snapdeal fulfillment centers in advance.

The SD plus team is responsible for order processing, packing & dispatching the products. A dedicated Snapdeal advisor helps the seller manage stock & any dispute raised by customers will be addressed by Snapdeal.

The seller is benefitted as he gets to outsource order processing for a nominal fee & more time can be allotted for business. Also, customer experience is enhanced due to faster & better shipping, resulting in improved reviews & ratings.

In Vendor-Self model, the seller is responsible for order fulfillment & delivery.

The product is shipped to the customer via any courier service other than the logistics service provider. The seller needs to update Snapdeal at each step.

Snapdeal does not charge any fee and all expenses are borne by the seller. In this model, the seller has the benefit of having complete control over the shipment of products.

Browntape enhances the Snapdeal selling experience..

[icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”353″ title=”Delightful and Simple Interface” class=”feature-icon-box”]The simple and intuitive interface of Browntape makes it a pleasure to use it everyday.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”140″ title=”Receive Snapdeal Seller Rating” class=”feature-icon-box”]Automatically gets any negative feedback associated with an order, so you know who to follow up with.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”142″ title=”Simple Inventory Management” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape maintains the inventory across multiple stores automatically, you won’t have to.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”138″ title=”Mark orders as shipped” class=”feature-icon-box”]Easily mark orders as shipped in Snapdeal and add any required courier information.[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”144″ title=”Auto syncs with Snapdeal” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape syncs with Snapdeal to keep your orders and stock up to date at all times.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”139″ title=”Download and take your data” class=”feature-icon-box”]Your data is yours to keep, analyse, plug and use as and when you wish.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”143″ title=”Multi-store Order Management” class=”feature-icon-box”]Apart from Snapdeal, Browntape also connects to Flipkart, Amazon and other marketplaces.[/icon_feature]

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