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What are the Fulfillment Models on ShopClues?

ShopClues Velocity Premium (SCVP)

ShopClues Velocity Basic (SCVB)

Merchant Direct Fulfillment (MDF)

ShopClues Velocity Premium (SCVP) is currently available in NCR and Mumbai only. However, ShopClues are looking to expand SCVP in other major Indian cities as well.

Under this fulfillment model, ShopClues will pick up the products sold by the seller, bring them to the ShopClues fulfillment center, inspect, pack, and ship.

ShopClues Velocity Basic (SCVB) is currently available in the top 200 Indian cities and ShopClues is in mid of expanding it to another 100 cities.

Under SCVB, the seller packs the items sold using ShopClues packaging material, affixes the shipping label, and hands it over to the ShopClues courier partners.

The seller will be responsible for thoroughly checking each product before packing, match it against the order received (to make sure that the right product is being put in the right box ), putting the shipping label, and taping it properly.

ShopClues typically does not allow Merchant Direct Fulfillment (MDF) to the merchants.

It is only permitted if the merchant has some amazing products to sell and ShopClues courier partners do not have a network to pick those products from the merchant’s location.

In this fulfillment model, the merchant will be responsible for handing inspection, packing, labeling, shipping, and also updating AWB number at ShopClues Store Manager for customers to track the courier.

Browntape enhances the Shopclues selling experience..

[icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”353″ title=”Delightful and Simple Interface” class=”feature-icon-box”]The simple and intuitive interface of Browntape makes it a pleasure to use it everyday.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”140″ title=”Receive Shopclues Seller Rating” class=”feature-icon-box”]Automatically gets any negative feedback associated with an order, so you know who to follow up with.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”142″ title=”Simple Inventory Management” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape maintains the inventory across multiple stores automatically, you won’t have to.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”138″ title=”Mark orders as shipped” class=”feature-icon-box”]Easily mark orders as shipped in Shopclues and add any required courier information.[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”144″ title=”Auto syncs with Shopclues” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape syncs with Shopclues to keep your orders and stock up to date at all times.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”139″ title=”Download and take your data” class=”feature-icon-box”]Your data is yours to keep, analyse, plug and use as and when you wish.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”143″ title=”Multi-store Order Management” class=”feature-icon-box”]Apart from Shopclues, Browntape also connects to Flipkart, Amazon and other marketplaces.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”141″ title=”Free to use! Inexpensive to scale” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape is free to use for small sellers, you pay us only when you grow.[/icon_feature]

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