Pepperfry Seller Integration with Browntape
Manage Pepperfry Order & Inventory in Browntape

Connect multiple online stores including Pepperfry to Browntape
for single-console order and stock management

Browntape enhances the Pepperfry selling experience..

[icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”353″ title=”Delightful and Simple Interface” class=”feature-icon-box”]The simple and intuitive interface of Browntape makes it a pleasure to use it everyday.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”140″ title=”Receive Pepperfry Seller Rating” class=”feature-icon-box”]Automatically gets any negative feedback associated with an order, so you know who to follow up with.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”142″ title=”Simple Inventory Management” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape maintains the inventory across multiple stores automatically, you won’t have to.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”138″ title=”Mark orders as shipped” class=”feature-icon-box”]Easily mark orders as shipped in Pepperfry and add any required courier information.[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”144″ title=”Auto syncs with Pepperfry” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape syncs with Pepperfry to keep your orders and stock up to date at all times.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”139″ title=”Download and take your data” class=”feature-icon-box”]Your data is yours to keep, analyse, plug and use as and when you wish.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”143″ title=”Multi-store Order Management” class=”feature-icon-box”]Apart from Pepperfry , Browntape also connects to Flipkart, Amazon and other marketplaces.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”141″ title=”Free to use! Inexpensive to scale” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape is free to use for small sellers, you pay us only when you grow.[/icon_feature]

Manage your Pepperfry Seller Account with Browntape

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