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What are the Fulfillment Models on Paytm?

Fulfillment centres

Paytm Courier Partner Enabled (LMD)

Self Ship (Non-LMD)


In this model, the sellers send the stock to a Fulfillment centre (FC) & order processing is carried out by an FC partner. The FC is responsible for receiving the orders, packing and shipping the products to the customer.


No order processing delays – Fulfillment centres have the ability to process orders & dispatch products within a few hours. Thus, the seller is not penalized for delays.

Reduced product returns – The orders are checked thoroughly before sending out for deliveries. The probability of dispatching incorrectly sized products reduces.

Improved customer experience – Quicker deliveries enhance customer satisfaction thereby increasing seller ratings & establishing trust with the consumers.

This model is for Paytm Courier Partner Enabled sellers, also known as Last Mile Delivery (LMD) sellers. The customer places an order, the seller packs the product, and requests pickup. The product deliveries are completed by Paytm Mall courier partners.


Easy Tracking of deliveries

Higher coverage of pin codes

In the Self Ship model, the sellers are responsible for performing logistics-related operations and do not use Paytm Mall Logistics Services. Such sellers are known as Self Ship sellers or Non Last Mile Delivery (Non-LMD) sellers.


The seller gets to decide the pin codes he wants to serve.

The choice of means of delivery depends on the seller. This way, the seller can save on costs.

Browntape enhances the Paytm selling experience..

[icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”353″ title=”Delightful and Simple Interface” class=”feature-icon-box”]The simple and intuitive interface of Browntape makes it a pleasure to use it everyday.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”140″ title=”Receive Paytm Seller Rating” class=”feature-icon-box”]Automatically gets any negative feedback associated with an order, so you know who to follow up with.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”142″ title=”Simple Inventory Management” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape maintains the inventory across multiple stores automatically, you won’t have to.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”138″ title=”Mark orders as shipped” class=”feature-icon-box”]Easily mark orders as shipped in Paytm and add any required courier information.[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”144″ title=”Auto syncs with Paytm” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape syncs with Paytm to keep your orders and stock up to date at all times.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”139″ title=”Download and take your data” class=”feature-icon-box”]Your data is yours to keep, analyse, plug and use as and when you wish.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”143″ title=”Multi-store Order Management” class=”feature-icon-box”]Apart from Paytm, Browntape also connects to Flipkart, Amazon and other marketplaces.[/icon_feature][icon_feature icon_position=”left” image=”141″ title=”Free to use! Inexpensive to scale” class=”feature-icon-box”]Browntape is free to use for small sellers, you pay us only when you grow.[/icon_feature]

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