Track Seller Payments from Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc.

What payments have you received from Flipkart, Snapdeal or other marketplaces? How many orders have been paid for in each payment? Has the marketplaces deducted extra money from your seller payments? Answers to all these questions lie in Browntape
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How much did the Marketplace Charge?

So you sold a product worth Rs. 1000 on the marketplace, how much money did you get in the bank? You can track seller payments at each order level with Browntape. You can even deep dive and understand what charges were levied by the marketplace. Identify aberrations from the mean with alerts..

Order Paid. Then Order Refunded. How much did you lose?

Don’t be happy to see the order being paid. It might get refunded in the next seller payment if the customer complains. eCommerce Marketplaces levy a penalty on returns. That sucks. It is important to track how much did you lose. Browntape tells shows you all this information without moving a finger.



Why sell on multiple online stores?

As the sales for an online store grow, the obvious choice for a seller is to start selling on multiple online marketplaces like ebay, amazon,, flipkart, snapdeal, etc.

The benefits of selling on multiple stores:

  • Tap in to the traffic coming to the individual online marketplaces
  • Sell on your own store to build a brand name
  • Increase sales
  • Protect yourself from unexpected interruptions on one store


Why are multi-channel sales difficult?

When the seller thinks of expanding his business by selling on multiple online stores, he is faced with numerous hassles. Things that he had to do for one store now need to be done for two.

The list of such hassles include:

  • Log in to multiple online stores separately
  • Create listings for the products on each store individually
  • Manage the stock on each of the online stores
  • Collect the orders for the day from each online store to fulfil them
  • Post back the tracking information on the websites

Reduce Errors. Save Time. Increase Sales.

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