Before making a purchase online shoppers go through a quick checklist. What are the main items they need to tick off this list prior to actually buying something online? How can you improve in these areas?

This blog post is all about the main things a consumer wants to see on your product page. The absence of these basics could kill sales. And, getting them wrong could damage your online retail performance. To know how to sell well you first must know what an online shopper wants to see.

Things online shoppers look out for when shopping online

  1. Products according to their needs

For some consumers, the whole shopping process may start with the product they have in mind. For example, a teenage shopper may be looking for the latest backpacks or handbags for school or college. So, the product they are looking for may depend on the latest trends, the way they use the product and so on.

To make sure the consumer easily identifies these in your products you need to make sure your product:

  1. Prices according to their budgets

Consumers can be price sensitive when it comes to online shopping. Some may be browsing online marketplaces and stores to get cheaper deals. For other’s price may reflect quality. So make sure you get your prices adjusted to your audience’s requirements. It will take a bit of trial and error to figure out the perfect pricing for your products. We suggest, you understand how online product pricing works before playing around with it.

This is because there are a lot of factors to consider before changing the price of a product. Too low and your profitability may suffer. Too high and no one will buy. It may appear like rocket science, but with the help of strategized planning you won’t have much to worry about. In addition to this, you need to make sure your prices are clearly stated and the discount offers are clearly displayed too.

  1. Payment according to convenience

The more options online shoppers have the happier they will be. COD is the most sought after payment option in online retail. But, check out other payment options you and your marketplace can provide. With demonetisation in effect, online marketplaces and online stores are looking at cashless ways of recovering payment. The next best thing is card on delivery. But this option is only available in certain cities. So, in this case, wallet on delivery is another option you can provide to buyers. This one requires buyers to make payments with mobile wallets. If not this, then you can also offer a quick EMI option to online shoppers.

  1. Returns and exchanges that are hassle free

Another thing consumers look for when shopping online is the return and exchange policies. These are things a consumer will look at before and after hitting the buy button. Sellers must make sure their return and exchange policies for their products are easy to understand and hassle free for consumers. Also, for certain products like fragile goods, non-refundable goods, low price goods the terms and conditions must be clearly stated. Brief details of the return and exchange policy can be put in at the end of product descriptions.

  1. Delivery time that is efficient

Shipping and delivery that takes too long can be a turn off for most online shoppers. It is essential for you to reduce the time it takes to pack and ship goods to consumers. If you sell through an online marketplace and have delivery services from them make sure your products are packaged in advance or you can avail of marketplace fulfilment services to avoid delays in delivery from your end. In case you run your own online store, get the best in the business to deliver your goods to your consumers. Check out our top picks here.

  1. Seller ratings and reviews that are legitimate

Make it a point to ask consumers for feedback and ratings. Most consumers look at seller reviews and ratings before getting a product on the internet. To get more reviews and ratings you can send consumer’s the link to your feedback page. Send them discount codes and free gifts to urge them to leave you ratings and reviews for your products. In case of bad reviews, don’t just try to get rid of them. Ask the consumer why he feels this way and see how you can make amends or avoid the situation from ever happening again.

Now that you know the top 6 things online shoppers look for before buying, you can make necessary adjustments to your selling strategy. For more information on the basics of online selling get in touch with the experts at Browntape. We are the country’s leading ecommerce experts and we are always happy to help!

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