6 Online Selling Mistakes made by New eCommerce Sellers

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6 Online Selling Mistakes

There are some very typical online selling mistakes made by new eCommerce sellers. Since they are easy to keep track of  common, we thought we will create a quick list for new online sellers to go through.

The eCommerce industry is growing at a lightning speed and the internet is providing a platform for everyone to start an online business. Therefore people are jumping head first into the field to earn their living. Moreover there are a few that suffer losses because of this too. To prevent  mistakes that can be easily avoided, keep reading.

1) No Planning; No Smart Goals

Normally, when a seller is starting his business they think all they need is to be on a marketplace or have their own website. That and products that you would source from the markets to sell online. Sellers assume that simply listing their products online would get them orders. This method has no planning nor goals are put in place. Not surprisingly, it’s a common online selling mistake.

In fact the way you should function should be with proper planning. By making notes or using softwares to set goals. And further make a note on how to achieve those set goals. Put down strategies and tactics to ensure that every goal is met.

For example: On an average after 30 days of starting your business you should have at least 10 orders per day. For this, you must note down steps on how you could achieve this. Start off with the product line: better price in comparison to your competitors, better quality, and so forth.

Your basic goal while starting your business is to get your business running so you might need knowledge, softwares, tools, and even research and talking to people in this area to identify the market and so forth. Only after you get this done can you set your goals and start your business. And not the other way around.

2) You are Selling Non-Essential Products to your Customers

As an online seller you probably are selling products that aren’t necessary for your potential buyer. Doing so, would hold up your money as well as not fetch you quick buyers. The best thing you could do is create the sense of need in the minds of your buyers. Read on to know how you can do this for your business. If this method doesn’t work then you should consider changing your product category.

3) Not Creating a Need for the Product

The regular method of online sellers is to simply bulk upload the products onto the marketplace or their site. And then they expect the customers to buy their products without any effort being put in. Whatever be the product you as a seller need to create the sense of need among the buyers. You can do this via videos, social media, etc.

The smart way to go ahead doing this would be listing features and benefits of the product you are trying to sell. Once that is done you can convert them into image format or video format and promote it on your social media accounts. Once you do this you can get your sales rolling. Remember that this doesn’t mean you force a person to buy the product as this would only chase your buyers away.

4) Focusing on Price not Quality

online selling mistakes- price vs quality

As a seller, the first concern would be the price you would have to shell out. eCommerce sellers sometimes opt for products that are cheaper without considering the quality of the product. This could be another point online selling mistakes you might be making. But when you do this you are damaging your own reputation in the market. This won’t build you long term and loyal customers. Furthermore this would make your business  unsteady and might lead you to shut down your business too.

Therefore, your goal should be to build a business model that: even if the world sells cheap low quality products you sell the best possible. Even if it might cost you a bit more it should be worth it to leave your customer satisfied. The customer base for price appreciated valued products is different from the base for cheap products so you could target your customers appropriately.

5) Not Building your Own Brand

When you as a seller buys a product that particular product would have some brand name and then you as a seller resells it. This ultimately would mean you are not promoting your own brand but the brand that is on the packaging or tag of the product. In an effort to save a little you are building another brand. Therefore it would be rather advisable that you design and print stickers to add to your products- as a trademark. This would help you build brand awareness.

6) Not Following your Passion; But Following Money

This isn’t a technical mistake that you are making but still is a mistake that people make. Once a person realizes that eCommerce business is in demand and could be a source of quick cash hopping on the train just for money. And not having any interest nor knowledge of the same would be the reason your business fails. Therefore passion and the will power to start and sustain an online business is a must to ensure that you succeed in the field.


No doubt that you will have a few online selling mistakes, that is how you can learn. But if there are a few situations in which you can avoid these online selling mistakes. Whether you are a novice or a professional in the field there is always something new to learn. This is majorly because the field is constantly changing. If you are a novice just getting into the field, consider reading this article that gives you a few pointers before you start your business. Hope the above points helped you in some way. We wish you all the best on your eCommerce business journey!

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