So, you decided to take the plunge into online selling and made the necessary arrangements. After some research, you zeroed in on selling first on a marketplace before you diversify to your own site. You kept all the documents ready, checked them, and submitted the lot. Just as you were getting ready to service your first order, you were jolted to reality with the marketplace’s email rejecting your seller application. This can be quite demotivating, especially for a new seller.

Browntape has come across a few reasons why a seller application may be rejected. Here are a few things you could be doing wrong:

1. Submitting an incomplete application

Most marketplaces require that you submit some standard documents such as – Permanent Account Number (PAN), Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), bank account number, a cancelled cheque from your account, address proof and Value Added Tax (VAT) ID. Some of the requirements may vary depending on the products you sell. Ensure that you submit all the documents the marketplace has stipulated.

2. Previous application closed or suspended

Amazon is quite strict when it comes to seller accounts; it’s quite like finding the Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory! The company allows you to only have one account in your lifetime. If it is closed for some reason, or if Amazon blocks it, you cannot create another. Apparently, it also allows only one account per household. Talk of high standards! Most marketplaces follow this standard.

3. Discrepancy in submitted details

It is very important to put the right numbers (PAN, bank account number, phone numbers) and details (address, email ID) in your application. If during company verification, any of the details are found to be false, your application will be immediately turned down.

4. No scope for listed products

Perhaps the marketplace doesn’t sell the products that you have applied for. To prevent a rejection on this ground, thoroughly go through the list of products the marketplace features. If required, get in touch with the company’s seller support or other sellers. It is better to go the extra mile before you submit your application than face a rejection

If you feel that you have complied with all the factors mentioned above and the marketplace has still rejected your application, then you must take it up seriously. Reach out to the next level of contact, and set up a discussion on why it was rejected. If you can get an appointment with the representative, try to find out what went wrong with your application, and how you can rectify it.

Have you been through a similar experience? Were you able to get a reasonable explanation as to why your application was rejected? Share it with fellow sellers so that they may avoid making similar missteps. Put your comments in the comments section below, and help fellow sellers.

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