Marketplace Business Models: Choose the Best to Generate Greater Revenue

marketplace business models

Are you scrutinizing starting a multi-service business? If yes, you need to find a successful model that enables you to start and keep your business operational in the future. Of course, you can develop a branded solution that connects service providers with those who are ready to pay for on-demand services (customers). But it’s not as easy as you think. There are lots of metiers that you ought to consider and multiple options to choose from. Hence it becomes a bit complicated to find the best-suited one. 

Marketplace business can be defined in many ways, like the one that connects professionals with customers, the one that sells and purchases products or services, and more. Hence, first of all, ensure to finalize what type of business you want to start, whether you want to sell your business product or service or just want to satisfy the service demand of customers. 

Once you finalize what type of online marketplace business you desire to begin, it’s time to choose the best model to generate significant revenue and achieve great success in your venture. Still, wondering which marketplace business model is best for your business? Then we are here to solve all your issues; read the article till the end to find the best answer to all your questions.

How to Select the Best Marketplace Business Model?


Changing the business structure and switching customers’ habits have given rise to omnichannel trends. Hence it becomes vital for brick-and-mortar businesses to opt for new norms that help them to keep their business operational. The same is the case with newbies who want to build a solid presence in today’s competitive digital space.

If you’re also thinking of launching your marketplace venture online, then it becomes essential for you to understand and execute the right approach for your business that helps you have a steady income without hassle. There are some basic tactics that you need to consider while picking a marketplace business model for your business; these include:

– Market analysis;

– Understand your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths;

– Identify your customers’ preferences;

– Find how you will meet the customers’ growing requirements.

There is more to focus on when you’re looking to start your marketplace business. First, you need to understand that repeat buyers favor the marketplace over retailers; hence you have to find an approach that helps you gain more repeat shoppers. Starting an online marketplace is a profit-making option.

Approximately forty percent of purchase these days occurs on marketplace platforms. Most shoppers prefer to go with repeat purchases from the top marketplace platforms, even they prefer to hire professionals from well-known names like Gojek, Grab, and others. Hence starting your own online marketplace service is a money-making decision in today’s digital world where people don’t have enough time to get their day-to-day chores by themself. 

Instead of managing all their work by themself, most individuals are choosing to take support from top experts who can help them with the same. Be it hiring professionals like plumbers, electricians, beauticians, or buying day-to-day essentials; they want to get all their requirements satisfied through the one-stop solution. Hence it becomes crucial for you to find an approach and model that helps you leverage a competitive edge in the market.

Top Business Model to Consider for Your Business

There are lots of aspects to consider when you are looking to start an eCommerce business. Internet-based entrepreneurs looking to start a marketplace business need to consider the model that helps them get more buyers and sellers, generate more revenue, and stay competitive.

Millions of smartphone users use one or another app to get their work done, but they choose to remove it instantly after its use as they have enough space in their smart devices. Thus it’s better to start offering all your business services with one super app; understanding the business model can help you know how you provide all services with a one-stop solution and manage your business systematically. In addition, deep insight into its working and revenue generation strategy can help you launch and operate a business successfully. 

The majority of marketplace businesses operate on a basic model; you can choose the same that other marketplace brands like Gojek, Grab, or any other follow. Are you still confused about which platform to choose for your marketplace business? Then have a close look at the top models discussed here and make the best suitable choice.

Commission Model

It is one of the most lucrative business models for marketplace business. If you are thinking of connecting a service provider with people in need, then you can choose this business model. This model enables you to charge a commission from service providers and allows them to list and provide your service right through your branded solution. 

The commission model makes it easier for you to provide excellent value to professionals and consumers as well. You can charge a fixed percentage or a flat amount from the service professionals.

Subscription Model


In this model, you can charge platform users recurring fees for using your marketplace platform. The subscription model helps customers to have a great experience; however, it facilitates providers to reach more customers shortly. For example, Linked in, Netflix, and other platforms charge subscription fees from platform users.

Freemium Model

One of the most known and preferred business models is Freemium, it is very beneficial for customers as they don’t have to pay an enormous amount to enjoy the platform service, or sometimes it’s entirely free for them. So when you choose this model, you can provide premium service to generate significant revenue. 

Listing Model

You can prefer this business model for your marketplace enterprise when you desire to charge any amount from service professionals when they want to go with a new listing. One of the best examples of this business model is Etsy; it sets users when they want to create a new list; you can use the same approach to drive a tremendous amount to your table.

Featured Ad Placement

This e-business model is best if you want to enable brands to list their offering on your marketplace platform. For example, you can allow brands to list their products and services on your platform and charge flat fees for the same. This model is quite similar to an advertising model. However, if you want to provide the best customer experience, then it’s better not to opt for this business model. 

Starting an ecommerce business model is not as easy as you think; there are many factors to consider. From choosing a business model to developing a marketplace platform to launching a successful venture online, there is a lot more than your imagination; hence it becomes vital for you to choose the best one that satisfies all your customers and business requirements.

Ending Note

In today’s busy world, people don’t have enough time to complete their daily chores; hence they are looking for brands that can satisfy their day-to-day needs effectively. Browntape will help you choose the best-suited business model and start offering your service to customers immediately. 

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