Shopo is Snapdeal’s no commission platform that boasts of simplicity that would appeal to home businesses and handicraft sellers. We decided to take a look at the nitty gritty of selling on the platform. We also have some pointers that will help increase your visibility.

Shopo – a brief history

Snapdeal took over Shopo in 2013. The marketplace’s eye was on the handicrafts market that Shopo was focussing on. Shortly after that Snapdeal repackaged the idea of Shopo to one of a zero commission mobile marketplace. Snapdeal promoted Shopo as one where sellers could sign up, upload and sell in the shortest time frame. Sellers could start selling in 15 seconds and chat with their customers in an interactive app.

Shopo’s main features that appeal to small sellers are:

This makes it perfect for those who operate small home businesses and those with a minimal capital. There is no moderation or involvement at all from Shopo. Sellers and buyers need to figure out payment and shipping methods and resolve all conflict on their own.

How to get more traction

For those sellers who are looking to make a mark on Shopo, we have some tips on how you can get more visibility.

1. Be active

We cannot emphasize this enough. As an online seller, you have to be regular with adding products and updating the images on your profile. Add new products on a regular basis (say every other day) and keep your stock up to date. Don’t find yourself in a position where you have run out of a product that is in demand.

2. Use the interactive feature to the hilt

This is a boon to online sellers. Be prompt and precise with your responses. As a small seller, you may not have too many employees. Try to on board family or friends to help you man the line when you are occupied. Respond to every customer and ensure you give them helpful responses. This also gets you advantages on Shopo; you get the badge ‘Very Responsible’, your product is featured in the search results and basically ensures you get more publicity.

3. Have an active social media presence

We have said this before and we’ll say it again. It is important to have a visible social presence. You need to build your visibility online. Create profiles for your brand on every social media and encourage your customers to follow you on every platform. Put up important notifications like sales or discounts online and direct them to your Shopo store. Follow your customers back – it shows that you care.

4. Reach out to Pinterest and Instagram influencers

Get in touch with folks who are in your line of activities. Get them to alk about you. Either offer them a sample or work on their goodwill or offer to return the favour. If you have a range of natural beauty products, then talk to beauty bloggers, send them a basket of your products and ask them to review it.

5. Write crisp descriptions

You need to have a good SEO ranking. Keep the description brief, but add keywords that will give you a good score on SEO and thereby better visibility.

6. Blog regularly

Depending on your area of operations, operate a blog and post regularly. Link your blog to your Shopo store. You can announce deals and discounts on the blog.

What do you think? Any tips that you would like to share from your experiences on Shopo? Add it in the comments section below.

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