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To improve your visibility you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your web content more search engine friendly and much easier to find.

Content that is accurately crafted stands a better chance of being picked up by search engines. As an e-retailer, bear in mind that customers are looking for products and not online marketplaces. To optimize your content you have to:

 – Avoid Duplicating Content – when it comes to product descriptions, make it a point to upload original content. Search engines abilities to detect duplicate content have improved, allowing them to lower the web pages ranking with the same information. Creating new and unique content, though time-consuming, is vital for a better spot in search results and to ensure search engines do not ban or penalize you.

– Use Relevant Keywords – stop under using your keywords to avoid becoming invisible to search engine bots and also avoid over stuffing your content with keywords. Strategically place your keywords in ideal locations like the page title, subheadings, paragraphs, image tags, URLs, product descriptions and Meta descriptions.

SEO and social media are interlinked for the sole purpose of communication with consumers and boost their rankings. Consistent posts like product updates, promotion alerts, general discussions and posting useful articles should help your cause. Google favors updates with immense publicity on social media. So, provide reliable and high-quality content to generate multiple likes, shares, and re-posts.

The product images may be for human beings to see but for search engines robots to spot and understand the relevance of your images you need to optimize them effectively. To help people see just how fantastic your products are, you need to use high-quality images. Add your main and relevant keywords into the ALT tags before posting or uploading pictures to create unique ALT tags for your product images.

Rich Snippets are HTML coded bits that are used to bait search engines by offering additional bits of information like ratings, reviews, votes, price, in stock or out of stock information under search results. Chances of getting clicks increase for sellers who use rich snippets because these bits of information give searchers enough to understand what the search result is about before even clicking making people more likely to click on your link.

From the SEO point of view, customer reviews mean more fresh content and since search engines like unique and new content, you can get better ranking in search results. To get constant reviews for your products, email or message customers the link to your review section as online consumers read reviews before making actual purchase decisions.

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