There are a couple of factors that influence where you set up a retail business. Your budget could be one! The kind of goods you sell is another aspect that determines where you set up shop. In most cases though, the popularity of the location makes the biggest impact on your business. Just imagine you have two location options for your store: –

A – by the bustling highway

B – on the outskirts of the city

The obvious answer would be option ‘A’. Mainly because of the number of people passing by and the fact that they have easy access to you. No one wants to travel miles for shoes, clothes, accessories or even eccentric artistic goods!

Location Matters in Ecommerce

The principle of location also applies to online sellers. Instead of physical real estate you have virtual space in the form of online marketplaces and online stores. You want to pick a space that has crazy amounts of traffic.

If you acquire a prime online space you don’t have to worry about advertising as much, people will come to where you are without you calling them. This makes brand building a breeze. Selling on a marketplace can be limiting sometimes and setting up an online store gives you flexibility but nurturing requires money.

What if we told you there is an easier way to develop your ecommerce wings? It involves becoming a social butterfly!

Facebook Stores

What is the most social place on the internet? It’s got to be Facebook! This network has the ability to make a strong impact on people you didn’t even know existed. Facebook enables online sellers to create an ecommerce store on their Facebook page. It is purely dedicated to promoting your business. Which means it is different from personal Facebook pages. There are numerous development sites online willing to help you set up your Facebook store. But you can set up a Facebook store on your own within the social network’s ecosystem.

There are many onboard with F-commerce (i.e. Facebook in ecommerce). Which indicates the online retail landscape is changing and heading in the direction of social media. The fact that it allows online seller to monetize available traffic is impressive (not to mention you get to Facebook at work!).

 The Pros You’d Enjoy with a Facebook Store

  1. Setting up is easy

It takes just a couple of clicks and presto, you now have a Facebook store! All you need is a business page to start off, plus inventory and a solid business plan. You have Facebook store developers at your service. They design and develop buy buttons and help you create engaging stores on social media.

  1. Online Traffic is Abundant

According to Statista the statistics provider, Facebook as a total 1,550 million active users! Making it the most used social network. These numbers keep growing every day. And the best part is everyone is interconnected on this online network through common friends, shared content, liked posts and Facebook recommendations. This makes it the ideal place to set up your retail business.

Just imagine a crowded street and in the middle of the chaos a seller screams about his wares. People will take notice and want to find out what he’s noise is about and as the crowd grows more attention is drawn towards him. If you look at the same situation, from the online retail point of view, you will notice similarities. You set up your Facebook store and tell a couple of your virtual friends to share it in their social circles online. This way you can set your promotion in motion as likes, shares and comments highlight your retail presence on the social medium.

  1. Store Apps are Non Essential

Millions of Facebook users access their accounts and interact with people through their phones. With a Facebook store your goods are available at your consumer’s fingertips. So there is no need to create a mobile app or a web store that suits desktop use and mobile use. You could the hot topic during lunch time and coffee breaks. All you need to ensure is your store developer creates your Facebook outlet with mobile consumers in mind.

  1. Promotion takes just a click

Promotion is simple on Facebook, especially when you want to announce discounts and offers. All you have to do is type out the offers you are willing to provide along with the link to your store and hit the post button and voila! Your promotion deal is out there. On social media people click on exciting news like personal updates and promotions. It encourages them to come visit your store. So the more interesting posts you put up the more attention your store will receive.

  1. You can directly interact with the consumer

Consumers can directly interact with you via Facebook messaging, calling or comments. This way they get a firsthand account of your products from you. You get to make an impression on the consumer questioning you and his/ her friends. Everything you post is seen by the Facebook network. So do your best to promote your brand and your business values.

  1. You don’t have to direct consumers somewhere else

Don’t you hate it when a Facebook post takes you to a page off of Facebook? Well your online consumers feel the same. Staying on the social network is convenient to its users. At the same time it can be useful to you too. People love sharing with their friends the amazing things they buy or find. Think about how easy it will be to get more eye balls on your products through Facebook shares.

The Cons You’d have to Bare with a Facebook Store

Development costs are high. Just like setting up an online tore you need to develop your Facebook store. And if you can’t do it yourself, you’ll need to spend money to get it done.

Facebook Apps take a while to load. This can become annoying and some may even hit the back button, resulting in the loss of consumers.

Selling requires more effort than expected. People still don’t see Facebook as a place to buy. So it will take a bit of convincing before you see significant results. Also growing awareness about your products and brand need something ground breaking for people to take notice.

If you’d like to know more about the world of online retail and how ecommerce functions in India, get in touch with a Browntape expert today! We are India’s leading ecommerce experts and we are ready to help you take your online retail business to the next level.

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