How to Maintain a Good Seller Rating on Marketplaces


Online marketplaces are ultra-competitive platforms, and excelling in them can be a difficult prospect.

Seller ratings provide a way to judge a seller’s performance in a glance and it’s the first thing consumer checks while buying a product.


Below are ways to achieve and maintain a good seller’s rating on online platforms :

Strategize according to the platform

Understanding and strategize for ratings according to a platform.

Each of system requires a different strategy:

Aim to impress and please

Impress your customers to deserve a good seller’s rating. Acquire a good seller’s rating through hard work like timely shipping, notifications to the customer, good product and packaging quality and readiness to accept product returns.


Ask for feedback

Be respectful, understanding and polite, and most importantly, be fun when asking for feedback. Creating an unobtrusive and engaging feedback template to target all customers, mostly repeat customers will provide high chances of getting a positive feedback.


Customer support and engagement

Trustworthy companies are the ones with a better customer support. The customer has been dealing with a completely virtual system, so providing a human touch to the customer correspondence is always a good policy.


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