How to Keep Negative Reviews at Bay

For every online seller being evaluated by online word-of-mouth and seller’s ratings, negative reviews are like nightmares. Any customer today, before buying a product, spends time reading the product and supplier reviews.

Below are few ways to help tactics that contribute to reducing negative customer reviews and increasing positive reviews need to be given more significance you do just that.

Don’t give them a chance to complain

As a seller, mistakes are expected. The best way to avoid negative reviews is to provide impeccable service. But the key is to maintain statistics where instances of great service are much more than those of poor service. So, first and foremost, provide exemplary customer service.

Don’t be afraid to apologize

The root cause of negative reviews is understanding the behavioral economics behind it. The reason behind why a customer would spend time in writing a scathing review is to extract some sort of revenge. An unabashed apology nullifies the feelings of vengefulness the best. When the customer hears a sincere, simple apology, he too feels humbled enough and calms down.

Always be available to your customers

Social media plays a great role in online reputation. Create a special complaint corner on your website to handle all customer grievances. Be prompt in answering any customer queries mentioned on your social media pages. In case of any negative online conversation about your brand, join in, apologize and try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. These written details stay on the Internet for long as the image of your company.

Collect valuable feedback

Always try to be gracious and humble in your online persona. Improve your customer service by collecting honest feedback from your customers. Find out what they liked about your service, what they did not and don’t be afraid to advertise the positive feedback that you would receive. Use multichannel inventory management system that allows you to automatically send emails to your customers.

Develop and track your online reputation

Be active on social media platforms including professional circles related to your industry. Create positive online relationships so that there is always someone to defend your brand. Use tools to keep an eye on your brand’s reputation.

Deal with the negative reviews

Few negative reviews are always part of sales. Prioritize in dealing with aggrieved customers first. This not only leads to a positive reputation but also manages to convert a few negative reviews into positive ones.

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