Top eCommerce Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Online Sales

eCommerce Digital Marketing

Increasing sales, particularly online, is a common marketing goal, but the competition could be fierce. How could you make the distinction between your brands and make it stand out when there are thousands of brands out in the market just few clicks away?

One of the most effective ways to boost your eCommerce website’s sales is to use digital marketing. A very well eCommerce digital marketing approach will help you in allocating your budget and resources to the channels that will help your eCommerce business gain more revenue and profits. In this blog, you will learn some of the effective eCommerce digital marketing strategies for websites.

This guide will be of great use to you if you would like to know and understand how and when to use eCommerce digital marketing to increase your sales. Before that, let’s understand what eCommerce digital marketing is?

Understanding eCommerce Digital Marketing

eCommerce Digital Marketing

eCommerce digital marketing is the process of driving traffic to the website, trying to convert the traffic into paying subscribers, and keeping those customers after they’ve made a purchase. A comprehensive eCommerce marketing strategy includes both on-site and off-site marketing tactics. A well-thought-out marketing can help you raise brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and increase online sales.

eCommerce marketing can be used to promote your entire online store or to increase sales of specific products.

eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Online Sales

1. Integration of Social Media Platforms for Sales

social media icons

For online marketers, social media is indeed a long-term investment. The objective is to transform visitors into the followers, who will then become paying customers. Getting optimum organic engagement and conversions requires creating marketed social media profiles and ensuring consistent online presence.

Include these  features in your online marketing strategy. Inbound links, SEO organic traffic, and profits will come as a result of influencer and content marketing. Make sure the branded social media profiles reflect your brand’s identity and target the right demographic.

2. Understand the Buyer Persona

You must first identify your ideal customers in order to reach them. One of the very first steps in creating the brand’s digital marketing strategy is to create the buyer persona. It is not too late to form a team or get to work if you do not  have one already.

A good buyer persona should include at least the following information.

– Customer Information

– How is the buyer profited from your company?

– Customer Interest

– The best marketing and sales messages which can be sent to the clients. 

– Select platforms to contact the customers

Checking your Google Analytics if you already have a website is a good way to start creating your buyer persona. You could indeed find information about the users’ age, gender, main preferences, as well as the profiles that transform the most in this section.

3. Create Different Landing Pages

eCommerce digital marketing success relies heavily on landing pages. The landing page is the first page a visitor sees once they get there on your website. The first step in creating effective landing pages is to identify a structure that works.

In general, the easier and simple the landing page is, the nicer. Create different landing pages for each one of the star products, or at the very least one page for each category of related products. It’ll be much simpler for you to analyse what’s going on and figure out how to improve your online marketing this way.

4. Make Purchase Process Easier

Users are indeed accustomed to gaining whatever they want only with a few clicks, as you may know. Users tend to forgo the sale and then go to the competition if the buying process has any obstacles. Follow these suggestions to avoid going down this road.

– Limit buying steps Steps – Overall, the fewer the clicks is always better, but at each step, make sure the user has the information they need. Amazon is a shining example in the industry, with a system that allows users to purchase a product only with a few clicks, thereby making the resisting quite difficult than before.

– Provide a wide range of payment options – Users frequently have their very own choices therefore in regard, one should cover all of your bases. Include credit and debit cards, Google pay, Paypal, Paytm, and also COD as payment options.

Payment options

– Try to avoid additional charges  –  Nothing irritates a customer more than paying for an online purchased product only to discover that perhaps the price does seem to be higher than expected. If you’re going to add extra charges to a product’s price, make sure you let people know as soon as possible.

– Shipping costs should be low – Most often, shipment should be free whenever possible.

– Appropriate Return Policy – For example, ASOS is an eCommerce marketplace  that excels at this, allowing customers to return items for free (without any need to grant a reason) within 28 days of receiving their order. Whatever the terms are, it’s critical to spell them out clearly and follow through on your promises.

– Quick delivery – Proper information of whenever the order will be delivered to the customer’s home.

5. Optimizing the Email Campaigns (5 different ways)

One of the most important aspects of the sales funnel or eCommerce digital marketing plan is email marketing. There are a lot of books as well as internet sites devoted to email marketing, and there are a lot of different eCommerce digital marketing tactics to choose from. Here are a few basic optimizations that are frequently overlooked or ignored, resulting in lost conversions and sales.

email marketing

– Welcome Emails – A welcome email strengthens the bond between your company and its customers. It increases the chances of prospective targeted offers and upsells. 

– Provide useful information – this is referred to as lead nurturing in marketing terms. Maintaining interest in your prospects without bombarding them with sales pitches goes a long way toward establishing trust. Providing useful and engaging content helps to keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds.

– Send offers and deals – Everyone enjoys a good bargain. For one experiment, a seller who distributed coupons across all of his social channels saw a 272 percent increase in conversions.

– Request for feedback – Email surveys are indeed a great way to learn about more your customers and the company. However, before asking for feedback, do not take these steps lightly and do follow best practises. You will gain invaluable knowledge.

– Reminders for your Wishlist – The wish list of your customers is an untapped goldmine. Reminders, price drops, birthday wishes, and low stock notices will keep them interested. It gives you direct access to your customer’s mind, which you can monetize quickly.

To make sure that the eCommerce marketing plan appeals to your customers, a great marketing organisation would then set you up with personalised brand – name mailing lists and pre-built flows. In fact, you can use digital marketing advice from your agency team in a variety of ways.


Trying to implement these five tips can be time-consuming if you don’t have an in-house team. As you can see, digital marketing for eCommerce is a difficult skill to master. To customise and manage all of the info for each strategy, the right applications are required. The idea is to reach out to consumers at the right time and place with right offer. 

The majority of eCommerce businesses believe that digital marketing became too complex as well as time-consuming. To make everything work, you’ll need to have a professional team and bring the tactics and techniques together.

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