Ecommerce companies’ unclear policies invite maximum consumer complaints

Ecommerce companies are often in the news for breaking the sales, investment, profits, and losses record. But they are also breaking the ‘most complained’ record, thanks to their obscure procedures and policies.

The Quality Council of India (QCI) analysed the consumer grievances submitted to the Centre and prepared an extensive report. From digital TV set top-box companies’ bad connection to Air India’s poor service, the government received many complaints. According to news reports, consumers complained the most about the Indian ecommerce companies to the Centre.

Customers complained about ecommerce companies’:

Not too long ago, the National Consumer Helpline released a report that stated that Snapdeal and Flipkart received the most complaints as far as ecommerce companies are concerned. The same consumer body said that consumers registered 28,000 complaints against online marketplaces in 5 months.

Would etailers be named and shamed?

After working on the report, QCI believes that naming and shaming the ecommerce companies would be the best solution. Another suggestion is to introduce a real-time grievance forwarding system that would connect etailers and the government. This would ensure that the complaints are addressed in an efficient and quicker manner.

Sellers, too have similar complaints against ecommerce companies. Be it the poor seller support service or regulations on pricing and discount, vendors, too are trying to get their issues addressed. Online sellers have been demanding for Ecommerce Regulator and have floated a petition for the same. In July this year, vendors expressed their unhappiness with Commerce Ministry’s response to marketplaces’ payment settlement issues.

Would naming and shaming ecommerce companies work? And would Indian sellers’ woes ever get heard?

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