Common Shipping Mishaps Online Sellers can easily Avoid

The time and quality in which a product is shipped speak volumes about the online seller.

It leaves an impression and can determine whether a customer will come back or recommend the seller to others. But, if forced to use third-party shipping services, one may frequently fall prey to these shipping mistakes:

Mistake #1 – No delivery choice

Many prefer free shipping over paid shipping. But, can one really afford to lose 10, 20 or may be even 30% of online shoppers looking for quick delivery options, to competitors?

Solution – Offer a choice between free shipping, 2-day, next-day, same-day delivery

Mistake #2 – Sending damaged goods

Are there chances of goods being damaged before being sent to the customer? If there are, one pays double for reverse-shipping and penalties.

Solutions – Triple check for product damage, ensure proper packaging, storage, retrieval, careful loading for delivery.

Mistake #3 – Not accepting returns

This saves a world of trouble but creates a new one by minimizing sales.

Solution – Accept returns. Add the tag to seller accounts, websites, product packaging.

Mistake #4 – Leaving customers uninformed

Never leave it to customers to assume when their orders will arrive. Update them regularly about the status of their orders.

Solution – Automate this process with eCommerce management software Browntape, it ensures order statuses are updated regularly.

Mistake #5 – Incomplete documentation

The absence of shipping labels, AWBs, bills of lading, invoices, shipping manifests, etc. can have severe implications on an eCommerce business.

Solution – With the help of Browntape, automate the creation of documentation for orders.

Mistake #6 – Unmanaged inventory & orders

Messing up inventory and order quantities is a recipe for confusions, order cancellations, marketplace penalties, bad reviews and continuous losses.

Solution – Managing inventory can be automated for less human-error, all you need is a touch of technology through software like Browntape for efficient management.


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