Checklist for the Pre-Order Stage. Be ready for Customer’s Orders

One of the daily metrics for any online seller would probably be the number of orders coming his/her way. Are you ready to successfully handle the incoming orders?

Here are a few things to take stock of, for the pre-order stage:

Do a thorough check for your target audience and their preferences for your product/products category so that you can position (in online retail, that would be through your listings) them right.

Source from trustworthy and credible suppliers only. Calculate your warehousing requirement according to your stock and manage spaces based on that.

Use your market research to decide on pricing. Keep an eye out for competitor’s prices. Also, give weightage to how much customers are ready to pay.

Make clean and simple SKU codes for your products. Use a multi-channel order and inventory management software like Browntape to seamlessly integrate SKU codes with daily processes and transactions.

If you aren’t using marketplace fulfillment, train your staff to handle packaging without errors. Choose a reliable courier service that would ensure timely delivery without damages.

You could also consider a few advertising initiatives, like social media platforms and marketplace ads, to increase brand visibility. Creating a positive buzz always helps to push sales in your favor.

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