How to Calculate Gross and Net Margin on E-commerce Sales

Today, businesses strive to maximize sales and optimize profitability. The two key metrics that play a pivotal role in assessing financial performance are Gross Margin and Net Margin. Understanding these metrics is essential for e-commerce entrepreneurs and professionals to get valuable insights into the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.   Gross Margin is a fundamental […]

Why and How to Connect ERP to OMS for D2C E-commerce?

In India, the expansion of e-commerce has resulted in a growth spurt in Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) startups, reshaping the way businesses engage with customers and manage their operations. One pivotal factor contributing to the success of D2C e-commerce businesses is the integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Order Management System (OMS). These integrations ensure real-time […]

Creating Ecommerce Sites that Scale – What are the Options in platforms

E-commerce has become an inseparable part of the retail world. The ease in shopping combined with extensive product catalogues of the e-commerce websites ensure retailers a broad customer base. Additionally, without operating an expensive storefront, retailers can easily conduct mega sales and handle massive orders. Thus, be it boosting brand reach or driving profitability, scaling […]

Importance of barcoding inventory for E-commerce

It’s been 70 years since barcodes were invented as a valuable tool for inventory management, supply-chain management, and sales control. Efficiency, accuracy, and scalability have been the three important pillars of e-commerce business. Barcoding technology worked on the critical aspects of the business. Over the years, it has evolved to offer the foundation for the […]

Best Shippers for Reverse E-commerce Logistics in India

Picture a scenario- Your customer eagerly orders a dress, anticipating the perfect fit and color, only to receive an item that doesn’t quite align with her size or matches her preferred shade. Perhaps, upon its arrival, she realizes she no longer has a need for it. Instead of dealing with the typical frustration of returning […]

ERP Integrated OMS vs Standalone OMS for D2C Brands

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands stand as pioneers, bypassing traditional distribution channels to directly reach consumers. The benefit of D2C brands lies in their promise – enhanced control over brand identity, improved customer relationships, and streamlined data insights. Yet, amidst these advantages lie the intricate challenges of juggling orders and inventory across multiple sales channels.  The D2C […]

Mastering Ajio: Top 10 Tips for Optimal Product Listings

In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, Ajio stands out as a go-to platform for fashion enthusiasts with its diverse product range and extensive user base. However, thriving in this fiercely competitive landscape demands more than just quality products. Effective product listings play a pivotal role in capturing the attention of Ajio shoppers and driving sales. […]

Top 10 tips for product listings for Amazon

In the highly competitive landscape of Amazon, where success hinges on effective strategies, optimizing product listings emerges as a pivotal factor. With a marketplace teeming with sellers, the challenge lies in standing out. Mastering compelling listings is crucial for both seasoned and new Amazon sellers for enhancing visibility, boosting conversion rates, and maximizing sales. In […]

10 Reasons You Should Run Amazon Ads

Run Amazon Ads

10 Reasons You Should Run Amazon Ads Amazon has now become a household name in recent years. Amazon was created to assist sellers with online sales; nevertheless, it has grown in popularity to the point where it has become a major advertising powerhouse.  This shopping platform competes with Google and Facebook in advertising field due […]

Top 10 Tips for Running Amazon Advertising

Top 10 Tips for Running Amazon Advertising

Top 10 Tips for Running Amazon Advertising Since its inception in 1994, Amazon has grown at an exponential rate. With the 9.7 million sellers & around 197 million monthly customers, it’s safe to say that Amazon’s growth will continue unabated. As a result, in addition to the convenience of the online shopping, many people prefer […]