10 Reasons You Should Run Amazon Ads

Run Amazon Ads

Amazon has now become a household name in recent years. Amazon was created to assist sellers with online sales; nevertheless, it has grown in popularity to the point where it has become a major advertising powerhouse. 

This shopping platform competes with Google and Facebook in advertising field due to its large customer base. Yes, when it comes to the largest online advertising platform in the world, it is ranked third. You might be surprised to learn that Amazon has well almost 300 million daily users, and that about 55% of the shoppers use Amazon to find products directly. In this case, it would be safe to say that Amazon is outperforming Google in terms of product search.

The best part about Amazon ads is that it enables both sellers and non-sellers to promote their products. Amazon ads are used by company owners not only to boost sales but to also promote their brand. You can Google some of the best Amazon ads software that help sellers run successful ad campaigns. You can also use Amazon PPC to expand your business. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of Amazon advertising.

10 Reasons Listed:

1. Real-Time Access To Buyers

Unlike the other PPC platforms, Amazon is the largest online retail outlet, and a popular one at that, that attracts a large portion of the consumer market, so investing in Amazon’s digital marketing services where there’s a large number of purchase-ready customers makes sense. Furthermore, Amazon PPC advertisers have seen conversion rates that are ten times higher than any other PPC platform.

2. Increased Brand Awareness

When tried to compare to advertisements run on Google, Facebook, and other platforms, where the chances of the ad being noticed by the users are lower because they have little intention to buy products, Amazon’s marketing services increase brand awareness.

Amazon, on the other hand, has a huge number of purchase-ready visitors who would be redirected to your online storefront if they happen to come across your ad, thereby increasing brand awareness through the showcasing your range of products, brand voice, logo, colours, banners, and videos.

3. Boosts your Sales

Boost amazon sales india

If you want to increase your sales, Amazon ads is the best option. The reason is, it’s the most popular online retailer, as well as its customers are eager to purchase. You may not be aware that Amazon’s conversion rate is roughly ten times higher than that of other platforms. 

This online shopping site is one of a kind in that it enables you to use lengthy keywords. For example, in Google PPC, you can type in black high heels, whereas on Amazon, you can type in 8-inch black high heels as a search keyword. Aside from that, most Amazon consumers know exactly what they want using long-tail search terms, lowering your CPC.

4. It’s a Cost-Effective Solution

Although Amazon lags behind Google and Facebook in terms of advertising, it is more cost-effective. It also has a higher conversion rate than all these two social media pages. The advertisements become more affordable and reliable with the help of Amazon advertising software.

5. Data and Rich Insights

high data insights

Data on consumer behaviour is critical for optimising your online ad strategies and reaching your target audience. You can get access to valuable customer buying behaviour data and analytics through Amazon’s marketing that other PPC platforms, such as Facebook, cannot provide.

Furthermore, Amazon offers real-time insights that, when combined with the company’s consumer data, enable you to access highly effective ad campaigns.

6. Good ROI with Amazon CPC Ads

It’s common knowledge that CPC ads have a higher return on investment than some other ad models, but did you even know that the CPC ads from Amazon’s digital marketing services, in particular, have a much higher return on investment than some other PPC platforms like Google?

7. Boost the App Download

You’re mistaken if you think Amazon ads are only for trying to sell T-shirts and photo frames. You can also create an Amazon Ad campaign to encourage people to download your app or any other app you want. To boost the amount of downloads, Amazon places your app ads on Amazon Fire and Android devices. Although you can use other PPC platforms to promote your app, none of them opt to pay 5 cents per clicks instead of Amazon.

8. Increased Visibility

If you sell on Amazon, you know how difficult it is to get your product to rank higher. Sponsored product ads, on the other hand, can be beneficial in this situation. Because most shoppers click on products on the first page, these ads increase product visibility as well as drive a lot of traffic. It’s difficult to get a product to the very first page naturally; it takes a lot of responses and ratings. However, through paid advertisements, even a new buyer can rise to the top of the list.

9. Remarketing

Whenever we want to place our product in the front of buyers who’ve seen the ad, we use a technique called remarketing. You can retarget such customers on Amazon. You can remarket (or’retarget’) to people who’ve seen your ads on Amazon. Although Amazon’s remarketing feature has yet to be released, it appears to be a promising way of establishing touch points with your target audience.

10. Unparalleled Behavior Insights

shown behavior insights

Since Amazon is primarily a shopping destination, it has access to rich of customer data and behavioural knowledge and insight that other PPC platforms lack. Amazon PPC is more aware of customer preferences and the purchasing process.

Facebook Ads, for example, can track clicks and conversions but can’t optimise your ads for sales analysing user. Because of their incredibly well-rounded view of a customer, Amazon doesn’t have to guess or estimate whether your ad will appeal to a target audience.

Wrapping Up

Sponsored brand candidates, Sponsored products, Video ads, Product display ads, and Amazon native ads are just some of the ad campaigns available on Amazon. Before launching a campaign, you should familiarise yourself with the distinct characteristics of all of these ads.

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