Consumers are emotional people. No transaction is emotionless, it’s just the emotional intensity that varies. Sales deals can cause emotions to run high and tip the scale in either direction – deal or no deal. Have you ever seen an Indian buyer passionately bargain for a good deal? That’s pure emotion. There’s everything from anger when the price is high to delight when the sale goes his way and absolute fury, even sadness sometimes, when the seller’s price doesn’t budge.

Emotions definitely play a role in every purchase and sale. And most sellers can guarantee sales when they direct their marketing towards consumer feelings and sentiments. Building an emotional connection with your consumers can make emotionally engaged consumers:

  1. Spend 30-50% more than average consumers
  2. Loyal customers
  3. Advocates of your brand

With your specialization being online selling, you may say this isn’t something I can do. Truth be told, you most definitely can. It may be difficult but it certainly isn’t impossible. Ecommerce giant Flipkart says, “Ab har wish hogi poori”. What’s the emotional connection? Flipkart promises to never let you down. You want it they got it and at a price you can afford. They promise the Indian masses there is something for everyone and like a genie, your wish is their command. How about the more direct emotional connection with Snapdeal last Diwali? “Yeh Diwali dil ki deal wali.” And Myntra, who speaks to every Indian shopaholic, with their fabulous ad stating hilarious reasons why one would shop.

Sure these are big brands that get publicity and have the finances to construct emotional connections between them and the vast online community. Small time sellers can still create emotional links with their audiences as well.

Establishing the Emotional Connection

  1. Sell on online Marketplaces


Get with the online marketplaces that have already established their emotional strategy. There are a large number of online selling platforms to choose from. Select the ones that expresses the right kind of emotion. Emotion that relates to what you are selling. Be it trendy fashion, high tech gadgets, classy furniture or nutritious groceries.

  1. Sell emotions not goods

Aim for the heart. Use your product descriptions and any other content within your grasp portray emotion. If you are in the business of selling watches sell luxury, class, style, respect and quality. Tell a short convincing story about your product and how it will amplify the consumer’s life. Like, Tissot timepieces are hand crafted for the perfect gentlemen. Titan watches tell more than time, they tell the world about you. Things like this will engage and adding the consumer into the mix will link them to the product you are selling. Knowing your products and ideal audience is key here. Limited facts and knowledge about either will reduce the effectiveness of your strategy to build an emotional connection.

  1. Pictures speak louder

Source: Flipkart

Online shoppers are intrigued by pictures and descriptions; making them essential features of online selling. The picture may get a consumer to click on your product and read about it. But beware the modern online shopper is no fool! Always provide pictures that match your descriptions. They will cross check the information you give them. So offer them the truth because they can see the pictures. And if they read it but don’t see it, you can kiss those shoppers goodbye.

  1. Show them you care

Source: Flipkart

Nothing says feelings more than a seller with a heart. Let your consumers know you care. Once you close a deal with them ask for feedback. You don’t have to call every consumer yourself, that’s what ecommerce assistors like Browntape are for. When your consumer hears from you they feel special and at ease to confide in you about their experience. Plus it gives you the opportunity to make nice with the dissatisfied ones.

  1. Be informative

Source: Flipkart

Shopping is not entirely done for one’s self. People also go online to buy gifts for their friends and family. So they need information that allows them to make proper purchases that suit the gift receiver. This may not be a direct emotional connection but in case you were helpful at the time of shopping for gifts, when it comes to buying gifts again, people are going to come right back to you. And so will their friends.

  1. Build trust

People like it when they can trust a seller. Give your customers  a reason to trust in you. How do you build trust as an online seller? You can try by providing them with return and refund options, easy payment plans, product variety, quality goods and assured assistance whenever they need it. This will let them know you are a reliable seller who cares about more than just making a sale but making a connection.

*Emotions can trigger purchases. The challenge is knowing which emotions to invoke. Stay tuned to know more. Or get in touch with our Browntape experts. We are India’s leading ecommerce solutions experts, and we are always happy to help online sellers!

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