Build a marketplace brand in 6-steps!

Some say marketplaces are a platform for brand building given the low investment requirement. Others believe marketplaces are crowded and will submerge your brand.
Who should you side with?

Opposing though these thoughts are, there is a way to ensure new brands thrive on marketplaces. Here are some steps to ensure it :

Step – 1: Launch Unique Goods

Sell trendier versions of goods or entirely new ones. For example, shower curtains with toiletry pockets. Quality but rare international labels also help brands stand out, given the product resonates with Indian audiences.

Step – 2: Use Marketplace Services

Marketplace ad services boost visibility and sales. And, fulfillment services enable timely order processing and delivery to please buyers. Both features improve brand visibility.

Step – 3: Intrigue Customers

Add thank-you cards, coupons, discount codes and other promotional material in packages to motivate buyers to purchase again. Add your contact and feedback links too, so buyers can reach you.

Step – 4: Collect Reviews

Reviews impact visibility. Processing orders on time and efficiently managing orders and inventory will bring good reviews while negative ones will show up for order cancellations (Out-of-stock orders), damaged goods or late delivery.

Step – 5: Add Keywords

Use relevant keywords in product descriptions. For example, women’s T-shirt – use words like – top, tee, T-shirt, for women, ladies T-shirt, etc. These help place products higher in search results.

Step – 6: Maintain a Store

Besides a marketplace presence, maintain an online store, website or Facebook page to promote your new brand and build trust. Here you can add more details to your products on marketplaces.


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