Browntape Guide

[button new_tab=”no” icon_position=”left” special_style=”no” border_radius=”5″ three_d=”yes” size=”default” color=”green-sea” title=”Button”]

To get a green button:

Button Title: You title comes here
Special Styling: Standard
Border radius: 5px
3D effect: yes
size: standard
color: Green Sea

[new_royalslider id=”1″]

To add testimonials for the slider “What our client say” :

  1. Testimonial slider is using RoyalSlider in which new slider is added as “testimonial slider”.
  2. To add a slide add a new post with specific title.
  3. Add categories and type below the title area.
  4. Add a feature image which will be your client one.
  5. Select the category as “testimonial”

In custom fields:

  1. Company : “company name”
  2. Location : “xyz”
  3. main_image (background image of the slider) : “add image_ur the one which you uploaded in  media”
[pricing_table pricing_item=”73″ style=”standard” columns=”2″]

To generate a pricing table:
Go to dashboard -> pricing tables -> add pricing table
Add a title which you’ll be calling afterwards in visual composer
Tick “Feature” to standout pricing table from the remaining ones.
Certain text for “Ribbon” eg;BEST
Add “Title”, “Price”, “Period”
Add the rest of the content in ths short code genarated below:

|list_item| "Your content goes here" |/list_item|

You can find a “pencil icon” in textarea toolbar where the above code is listed:
Its a Highend Shortcode Generator through which u can generate a button.
Select Button.
Add a button title.
Choose button color as “Green Sea”.

Can add more pricing tables by clicking on “Add more pricing table column”.


In visual composer:

Add a row & assign class “pricing” to it.

Add element as “pricing table” and select the pricing table u wanted to display from the given dropdown

To add a press post:

  1. Goto Dashboard -> Post -> Add New
  2. Add your Feature image.
  3. Add Post title which will be the news link.
  4. Add the content in the textarea which will be displaying in the modal.
  5. Select your Category as “press”.
  6. Add a new custom field as “press-name” and add th value which you require.


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