is inarguably the largest online marketplace in India. With an easy registration process, 24×7 customer support, and additional service solutions, it has simplified online selling for small business owners in India. Moreover, with fulfilment options like FBA and Easy Ship, sellers can focus on the core business elements. The marketplace has revolutionized Indian retail by setting up a medium through which sellers can expand their reach to millions of customers, all this without investing in setting up elaborate operations.

It is no surprise that this comes at a cost; Amazon requires the merchants selling on its platform to pay different kinds of fees. The fee incurred is based on the fulfilment option you select & the price range. The fee structure is periodically modified and once again Amazon India has revised the seller fee structure, to come into effect from September 1, 2021. The last major fee revision was in May 2021 when the referral fee was slashed by 50% for the month for a certain category of sellers. This came as a sigh of relief for SMB sellers when the pandemic was raging across the country. Now effective 1st September 2021; the marketplace has announced fee revision for sellers. 

So, has the Amazon seller fee increased? What has changed? Which product categories have been most affected? Let’s find out.

What fees have been revised by Amazon?

Selling on Amazon Fees

Referral Fee

For each item sold on Amazon, the referral fee is deducted as a percentage of the selling price. Each product category attracts a different referral fee.

Closing Fee

The closing fee is charged separately for each fulfillment option and is majorly based on the product price range.

FBA Fees

FBA Weight Handling Fee

If the seller opts for FBA, Amazon handles the deliveries for which it charges a fee. The fee charged depends on whether the product delivery is Local(intra-city), Regional(within the set of states clubbed as a region by Amazon), or National(across regions).

FBA Pick and Pack Fee

Since Amazon stores & packs your products in FBA, it charges a fee for the same. The fee depends solely on whether the product is of a Standard or Heavy & Bulky size band.

Easy Ship Weight Handling Fee

Just like FBA, selling through Easy Ship also incurs a fee, since Amazon delivers your products. Although a bit higher, the fee structure is similar to FBA.

Change in Referral Fees


See Fee Table


See Fee Table


See Fee Table


See Fee Table

Change in Closing Fee

See Closing Fee Table

Change in Weight Handling Fee

See Weight Handling Fee Table

Change in Pick & Pack Fee for FBA(Non-Seller Flex)

See Pick & Pack Fee Table

Closing Thoughts – Positive Outcomes in Long Term

It is clear that Amazon has raised the seller fee. Though Amazon justifies its revisions by stating that it wishes to improve the seller & customer experience, sellers have had mixed responses to it.  The fee hike, as per sellers, would shrink profit margins. Adding to the sellers’ woes are the Indian government’s new eCommerce policies, which include a proposed ban on flash sales.

However, it isn’t as bad as it seems.

So overall, if the cost of selling increases per item; the volumes most likely would increase too. 

Amazon sellers would probably see a more stable business in the coming months and years by continuing to sell via the platform.

We hope the above article provided you with ample information about Amazon’s revised seller fee. Browntape is dedicated to keeping Amazon sellers updated with the latest news & resources related to selling on the platform.

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Price Tables


[ninja_tables id=”4819″]


[ninja_tables id=”4820″]


[ninja_tables id=”4821″]


[ninja_tables id=”4822″]

Closing Fee

[ninja_tables id=”4823″]

*For some select categories within INR 0-250 range, FBA closing fee will be INR 12.

**For some select categories within INR 251-500 range, FBA closing fee will be INR 12.

Weight Handling Fee

[ninja_tables id=”4824″]

Pick & Pack Fee

[ninja_tables id=”4825″]

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