The Amazon seller fees 2022 are here Amazon is one of the biggest competitors in the eCommerce industry worldwide and likewise in India. Moreover not to mention, but is one of the most visited marketplaces in India. They provide sellers with an easy onboarding and registration process. Along with 24×7 customer support, paired with several additional service solutions that can help you run your business. Furthermore, the integration of eCommerce softwares, Easy Ship, and FBA help with the overall fulfillment process. All this helps every seller to focus on the core task at hand rather than the step-to-step fulfillment process.

Even though selling on these platforms makes doing business for sellers much easier. No doubt that these services still come at a small amount of fee. Firstly, Amazon has fees that they levy on their sellers. Besides this, the fees vary from seller to seller. This mainly depends on the fulfillment option along with the price range of the same. Now, it’s quite obvious that once every few months the price of each service fluctuates. And once again there are a few new prices to be implemented from January 1, 2022. The last revision was in the month of September 2021. Which had some good parts to it while some weren’t as celebrated by the sellers.

So now here are a few more revisions to the cost. Read on to know if these fees might just be a ray of sunshine to your new year.

What Fees have been Revised by Amazon?

Selling on Amazon Fees

While there is competition have tactics – 0% commission for sellers- that seem to be working out. Amazon too is aiming towards incorporating the same into their business. But for now here are some fees to be levied from January 1, 2022.

FBA Fees

Storage Inventory Fees

These are the fees charged on all units that are stored in an Amazon fulfillment center. These fees are charged and based on a monthly basis of a calendar year and also on the daily average volume. Here the volume is calculated based on cubic meters which are calculated when the product is properly packaged and ready for shipping.

How to calculate cubic feet from centimeters?

For example: Unit measuring 50 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm = 7500 cm divided by 28316.84 = 0.264 cubic feet.

Changes to be Noted:

As per the revised criteria, storage fees have been updated to Rs. 33 per cubic feet.

Refer to the fee table.

FBA Weight Handling Fee

As a seller, you can opt to use Easy Ship or FBA functionality of Amazon. In this, you can let Amazon handle the whole fulfillment process. Where they will deal with storage, packing as well as shipping of the products to the respective client. After your products reach the customers, you are charged a fee. The processing charges differ as per the distance and the size of the product.

Changes to be Noted:

FBA Weight handling fees in terms of the IXD rate card have been revised. It has just a few minor tweaks in certain categories only.

Check the table to know more

Lightning Deals Fees

Lightning Deals are also known as flash sales; this is where the products are featured for a few hours. These are the deals that are displayed on the Amazon Deals page. This page consists of many short-term offer prices for quick-selling products in the market. The main aim for this is to let the sellers have a potential increase in sales during this period. Therefore there is a small charge to avail this feature. The charge status for this feature is based on STEPS level availed by the seller. The levels that the sellers can avail of are Premium, Advanced, Standard, and Basic. Besides this, the charges are billed at the end of each month based on the usage of this deal feature. 

Changes to be Noted:

A hike in the price with all the STEP level status is what you need to know about this category. 

See fee table.


Although individually these numbers don’t seem much. When you have a big business these small numbers add up to form a higher end-priced. Therefore, making this not-so-good news for the sellers. But considering inflation in prices in the country the cost from was bound to happen eventually. So, therefore, be aware and get ready for this new change- Amazon seller fees 2022.

Price Tables

Storage Inventory Fees

[ninja_tables id=”5287″]

FBA Weight Handling Fee – IXD Rate Card

[ninja_tables id=”5286″]

Lightning Deals Fees

[ninja_tables id=”5285″]

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