Amazon Listing Optimization Tips to Grow Sales

Amazon listing optimization

With Amazon’s explosive growth expected in 2020, optimising the product listings was never more important. Finding and implementing tried-and-true Amazon listing optimization techniques can help the company stand out in a global market with thousands of competitors. Optimizing your Amazon listings is one way to increase sales and expand the customer base upon the popular eCommerce platform.

Overview of Amazon Listing Optimization

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The process of developing the Amazon product listing in order to increase the product views and sales is known as Amazon Listing Optimization. Your target audience must first discover your products before becoming a customer. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies influence the Amazon ranking algorithm to favor your products and display them to potential customers.

In this article, we will go over the specifics of Amazon product listing optimization and how you can use them to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they are. Amazon is about satisfying the customer first, and Amazon SEO techniques are built around this principle. Based on your product details, the algorithm will determine whether the Amazon listing optimization is relevant and provides value to the customer. Determine what search terms or keywords your prospective customers would use to find a product similar to yours and use them in your Amazon listing optimization to optimise your product detail pages for search.

Incorporating a targeted keyword strategy fills the gap between the needs of your potential customers and the products you offer. Your keyword usage informs Amazon that you have what the customer is looking for, which qualifies you to rank higher in search results and makes it easier for your ideal customers to find you online.

Key Aspects of Optimizing Amazon Listing

This blog will explain how to optimise Amazon product listing to reach a wider audience, improve traffic flow to your product pages, as well as make more sales. 

We talk about:

  • How to increase Product visibility on Amazon India
  • How to increase organic sales on Amazon
  • Understanding the Amazon listing optimization
  • What you should look for in an Amazon listing optimization service
  • Increasing your customer base with Amazon optimization knowledge

In this article, we will go over the specifics of Amazon product listing optimization, How to increase organic sales on Amazon and how you can use them to achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they are.

Your first goal ought to be to rank your items on Amazon for the most lucrative keywords. Over time, your checklist will instinctually rank first on Google for your profitable keyword. The seven places where your keywords should appear on your listing are as follows. These are enough to make sure that the profitable keywords function properly without the need to force those into any section. Having your keywords ‘sprinkled’ all across the Amazon product listing is critical for increasing sales.

1. Product Descriptions Should be Informative

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Most customers do not scroll all the way down to the product listing page. The majority of them don’t even read the description. If they do, they may be looking for more information about the product. However, Amazon’s algorithm considers description. Write a decent description of your product using your most profitable keywords. Because there is plenty of room for the description, you can also include some less-profitable keywords.

You can refer to Amazon Advertising Strategy for improving your sale on amazon.

2. Encourage Customer Reviews

A string of satisfied customers reviews says to a buyer, “This is a great product.” Without feedback, it is impossible to thrive as an Amazon seller. Customers have a high level of trust in sellers who have a large number of reviews. If you do receive negative feedback, address it as soon as possible.

Start encouraging users to leave as many reviews as possible. Well-phrased, timely response requests can significantly increase the quantity and quality of the feedback. This process is made easier by automated feedback solicitation tools

3. High-Quality Product Images

The dimensions of the product image should be 1,000 x 1,000 px. The optimal number of images is considered to be 5-6. Give buyers a sense of the product’s features and benefits. Make use of neutral backgrounds. Display the product from various perspectives. The rule of thumb is that the image should take up 85 percent of the frame. If necessary, hire a professional photographer. Poor images will bury your product.

4. Bullet Points

Using the five bullets, highlight the features of your product. Choose a keyword which perfectly represents what the product does—basically, highlight the advantages of the product. Many customers search listings and only read the bullet points. Don’t squander your opportunity to persuade them.

Keep your bullets short and to the point while staying inside this 1000 character limit. Format them consistently and fill them to keywords in a way that avoids keyword stuffing. Finally, keep all of the information in this section relevant and important. Having a mix of both improves your search engine ranking and tends to increase the conversion rate.

5. Catchy Product Titles

Most popular sites are required to include keywords in the product title. But also make sure to include a brand or manufacturer name as too. The more thorough your listings, the better. Include as much pertinent information as possible. Product titles are essential for customers to find your products and receive important information. The structure suggested by Amazon is 

[Brand] + [Sub-Brand] + [Model Number] + [Size] + [Product Description] + [Defining Features]

6. Choose Accurate Categories

Always select the most precise and precisely defined product categories. Choose carefully when using predefined fields. Customers who search for products are directed to specific categories. If you are incorrectly classified, you will not be considered.

7. Relevant Keywords

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Customers use Amazon’s own super-powerful keyword tool to search. It makes use of autocomplete to find popular keywords as well as long-tail searches. Amazon informs you of the most popular search terms among customers. It can help you quickly identify the relevant keywords or phrases for the Amazon Product listings.

Do you need help in Amazon Listing Optimization?

It is critical that you optimise your Amazon listings as an Amazon seller. Consumers will not find your listings if you do not optimise them. Instead, they’ll look for your competitors’ products, buy them, and go about their business. Start improving your Amazon product sales today by contacting us online or calling us at to learn more about us. We hope this blog would surely help you in understanding How to increase Product visibility on Amazon India.

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