Amazon Account Health

What is the purpose of the Amazon Account Health page?

The Amazon Account Health page provides you an overview of your seller account’s adherence to the performance targets and policies required to sell on Amazon.
Amazon regularly reviews the performance of all sellers and notifies them when they are off-target. The intent of this review is to give you the opportunity to improve your performance before the issue affects your ability to sell. Occasionally, seller accounts with very poor performance are immediately deactivated.
If your seller account has been deactivated, you may be eligible for reinstatement. You can appeal by providing a plan of action for correcting the problems that contributed to the enforcement action. Learn how to Appeal the restriction or removal of selling privileges.

Account Health consists of 3 different metrics

Order Defect Rate:
The Order Defect Rate (ODR) is a key measure of your ability to provide a good customer experience. It includes all orders with one or more defects (defined below) represented as a percentage of total orders during a given 60-day time period. As per Amazon, the policy is that sellers maintain an ODR under 1% in order to sell on Amazon. An ODR above 1% may result in account deactivation.
Order Defect Rate consists of three different metrics.

  1. Negative feedback
  2. A-to-z Guarantee claims
  3. Chargeback claims

Negative Feedback

Amazon does not remove buyer feedback even if it is unwarranted or the issue has been resolved.

Amazon only removes feedback in the following cases:

Amazon will strike through feedback in the following case:

Request to Remove Negative Feedback

To manage your Amazon Account Health, removing negative feedbacks is necessary. For negative feedback removal, you need to login to amazon seller central. The step-by-step process is shown in the slideshow at the top with screenshots.

Feedback Request

Positive buyer feedback improves your Feedback Rating, and good feedback often starts with a good buyer experience. The Feedbacks you receive are shown on the seller profile. It helps the customer to check your product ratings. To increase sales, encourage customers who have purchased your products from Amazon to provide both forms of feedback.

How to send a feedback request to the customer

Login to amazon seller central & follow the step-by-step process shown in the slideshow at the top with screenshots. Know more about getting reviews on Amazon.

A-Z Claim Guarantee

The Amazon A-to-z Guarantee protects customers when they purchase items sold and fulfilled by the seller directly. The claim guarantee covers both the timely delivery and the condition of items you sell. If customers are unsatisfied with either, they contact amazon customer support for the same. In this case, the customers are eligible to file a claim as per the amazon guidelines.
Once a claim is filed the amazon team investigates the case and asks for the information from the seller. If the seller fails to represent the side within three calendar days. The amazon team will grant the claim in favour of the customer and debit your account for the claim amount.

A-to-z Guarantee claim rate

The A-to-z Guarantee claim rate (represented as a percentage) is the number of orders that have received an A-to-z Guarantee claim divided by the number of orders in the relevant period.
The following types of claims impact your order defect rate :

The following types of claims do not impact your order defect rate :

A seller who works proactively with customers to resolve order problems will avoid most A-to-z Guarantee claims.

How to represent A-to-z Guarantee claim on amazon.

To represent A-to-z Guarantee claim on Amazon, follow the step-by-step procedure shown in the slideshow at the top with screenshots.

Credit Card Chargeback

A credit card chargeback is similar to an A-to-z Guarantee claim except that the credit card issuer processes the claim and makes the decision, not Amazon.
Possible problems might include:

When a buyer disputes a purchase charged to their credit card, it is referred to as a chargeback request. We broadly categorise chargebacks as either fraud or service. Know more

Credit Card Chargeback Rate

The Credit Card Chargeback Rate (represented as a percentage) is the number of orders that have received a credit card chargeback divided by the number of orders in the relevant period. The metric is order-correlated, meaning we look at the date of the order (not the date on which the service chargeback was received) when computing the rate.

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