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8 Ways to boost Online Sales


Here are 8 ways you can reach 10 crore online shoppers in India

  1. Pay-per-click Advertising – 



How: Google AdWords creates search and display ads, which are displayed when somebody searches for the right keyword. You can target using location, keywords, and set the optimum budget.

Cost: Every time a potential customer clicks on your ad, as low at ₹10 per day.

 2. Social Media Marketing – 


How: Run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Benefit: Wide audience that enjoys browsing through social feeds, also ready to spend money and share purchases to generate referral sales.

3. Email Marketing – 



Low Effort & High Output:  Send monthly emails to your buyer database with new products, or reminders to look at your catalog again. Sales are generated directly as a result of regular activity.

How: Email marketing tools like Mailchimp can be very cheap to use and can deliver great user experience!

4. Search engine optimization – 


What you get: Your web page rated near the top of google search

How: Use relevant keywords in your online content for product descriptions, product titles, webpage content, high-lights and so on.

Effort: High.

5. Affiliate Marketing – 


How: Connect with website owners to set up ads on their web pages. In return, you need to pay them a commission based on the agreement between you and the third party (i.e. per-click, per-sale or per-lead they help you generate).

Where: Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, abof and others use affiliate programs.

6. Display Ads – 


What: Ads placed in post blogs, forums and other websites: banners, videos, overlays and other creatives that are linked to products. The payment for these kinds of ads, work in the same way PPC ads do.

7. Content marketing – 


What: blog posts, write ups, videos, graphics, Youtube channels.

How: Persons interested in the content you promote may also be interested in the products you sell. So providing a link to your shop or listings can land you the sales or traffic you are looking for.

8. Online public relations – 

Promotion of product content on PR networks. Some channels may be free.


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