7 Step Guide to Source Profitably from Alibaba.com

While most sellers are wary of doing business overseas, sourcing products abroad has become easier thanks to technology. It is well-known that buying from Alibaba is usually the best choice (it’s bigger than Amazon and eBay combined).

Browntape tells you how to source products from suppliers on Alibaba.com and the main points to remember are:

  1. Identify the best Suppliers

Always opt for suppliers (and not middlemen), as they give you the best pricing.

  1. Request for samples

Before placing a bulk order, insist on a sample of the product first- you will be charged for shipping, but you will be safer!

Also, make it a point to speak/interact with the supplier before placing the first order.


  1. Be Careful & Cautious


  1. Don’t trust extremely low prices


  1. Inquire about Customs Clearance & Import Duties


  1. While finalizing a deal


  1. Selecting a product to buy from Alibaba



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