As an online seller, you would have dealt with several online shoppers. Some are a joy to work with and some are cranky. You cannot handle everyone in the same manner. At the same time, you cannot take anyone for granted. If you can understand your customer and their issues, it makes things easier for you. The customers are also happy with the fact that you care enough to woo them. With a little analysis and planning, you will be able to convert any type of shopper into a long-term customer.

While you cannot stereotype any shopper and box them in these categories, Browntape has tried to broadly define some types of online shoppers in cyberspace and give some short tips on how you can gain loyal customers.

The window shopper

This person is a random surfer who likes to look at a lot of stuff but is not necessarily planning on buying it. Online shopping comes as a boon to the window shopper, as there are no shop assistants to swoop in to keep an eye on them with the excuse of ‘can I help you?’.

Turnaround tip – Ads based on a user’s surfing history will come in handy in this situation. Send them mails and images based on their views. Add a note saying, ‘you seem to be interested in XYZ. Here is a brief description of the product.’ Nudge them with sale reminders. Say, ‘XYZ is available on a discounted price of Rs. N. Now is a great time to pick it up.’

The doubtful Thomas

This one doesn’t trust online shopping. It could be for a variety of reasons. It maybe because of an unpleasant experience in the past. It could also be because someone has cautioned them against shopping online due to their bad experiences. You can also call this shopper the busy bee – too occupied to take out the time to shop.

Turnaround tip – Offer easy payment and return options. CoD will help you reach out to new shoppers. Free shipping and reverse pickup is also a solution to placate the doubtful Thomas. Highlight reviews on products and your service to put this shopper at ease.

The curious cat

This person might just have stumbled upon your product or site accidentally. The curious cat could have either clicked an ad or clicked a recommendation based on their surfing history. This is a huge opportunity, as the shopper’s interest is granted. All that they need is a gentle push.

Turnaround tip – Make your product as visually appealing as possible. Highlight discounts or offers if any, and follow up with them to seal the deal.

The deal seeker

This person wants to get the cheapest rates and the best bargains. You can identify this person by their activities. They might put items in their cart without checking out. They might keep coming back to check an item to see if the price has dropped. They also compare prices at different sites to see which gives them the sweetest deal.

Turnaround tip – Dangle a deal before this person. Either give them a direct discount on the product they are looking at or give them an offer on an additional purchase. Those who put items in the cart are easy to tempt – announce that the stocks are running out, or that the prices could rise in the next few days. This will help close the deal.

The shopping addict

The technical term for this shopper is shopaholic. Add the ease of shopping from your couch, easy returns and a plethora of choices available, and the shopaholic goes to town with their card or wallet.

Turnaround tip – Just place all your goodies before the shopaholic, they are going to lap it up. However, be sure to thank them in different ways for they are your loyal customers. Show them your love through gifts, discounts, free deliveries and anything else that you can offer. Sign them up for newsletters and place ads strategically.

Of course, the standards when dealing with any customer should include – courteous and prompt service, taking care of their concerns and on time delivery.

Have you come across any of these online shoppers in your experience? If you have seen any other type of online shoppers share with us your experience in the comments box below. Tell us the best conversion tips that have helped you.

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