5 Important Pointers while Processing Online Orders

If you are an online seller on platforms like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Shopclues, etc., you are definitely involved in the order processing and fulfillment for your online sales.

Once an order is placed you must immediately jump into the order processing phase of online retail. If you think this simply requires picking, packaging and waving goodbye to your goods while placed in the courier persons’ bag, you’re missing a couple of crucial processing essentials.

Your 5-Step Order Processing Checklist

  1. Stock Status

While reviewing daily orders check if they are in stock and how quickly they can be acquired if not. After realizing the location of in-stock products, deduct them from your inventory list.

  1. Pick & Pack List

Prepare a list of products to be picked from your warehouse for delivery on specified days. The pack list is based on individual orders; as a single customer may order much product from you. These two lists will reduce mix-ups.

  1. Order Origin

Based on whether the order came from a marketplace or your store, notify the respective courier persons appropriately. Also, sought your products according to pickup service you use for each platform.

  1. Shipping Labels & Manifests

Now, print and paste your shipping labels, AWBs and other documents on your packaged products. Also, prepare a manifest of products in transit awaiting fulfillment. Manifests should be according to courier services in use.

  1. Order Status

Finally, let customers know their order status on a timely basis. Share your courier tracking number with them too, so they are satisfied right from the start.


With an order and inventory management software like Browntape, you can automate some of these steps for hassle-free order processing.

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