5 Essentials to Enhance Customer Experience

A customer’s experience in purchasing a product from you, including browsing through your products, after-sales service etc. can dictate not just the current sale, but also future sales from the same customer.

We spell out some easy and simple essentials to provide a satisfying customer experience :

  1. Quality content and product information

On the seller page and product descriptions, ensure a pleasant, professional and helpful online persona. Avoid bad typo, grammar, unrealistic offers and so on. Be accurate with a simple yet appealing presentation.

  1. Email notifications

Feel free to personalize your emails so that customers feel connected to your brand. Provide accurate details for the date and timing of delivery.

  1. Returns policy

This helps to create a sense of trust in the customer and it shows that you have confidence in the quality of your products. Including a free shipping label could earn you extra brownie points.

  1. Customer service

It’s a never a good idea to keep transferring calls of a customer from one agent to another. Train your staff to be polite. Be accurate with details when responding to calls and emails. If you are refusing a return or refund, make the customer understand the reasons for doing so.

  1. Online social persona

Digital imprints like seller ratings, product reviews, comments on the website and social media etc. speak for you to other customers. Always take negative criticism in your stride and reply in a professional manner. Answer queries with patience and respect.

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