When an order is placed online the consumer has multiple expectations. Product quality is the main one but timely delivery is just important to the consumer. Very often order shipping and logistics is considered as the curse of ecommerce. That doesn’t have to be the case. What if we told you, your ecommerce shipping procedure could double up as a sales generating tool? Would you give it more time and thought every day?

Consumers understand quite well how online retail works. And if they don’t receive the speedy service they expect, you’ve lost more than just that one customer because word of mouth travels faster than ecommerce packages. And that’s just another reason to pay more attention to our ecommerce shipping process.

On the plus side, if you can manage speedy delivery, the consumer will not only spread the word. He will also make sure to keep coming to you. However, it is possible for you to utilise the shipping process as a marketing tool too.

Ecommerce marketing in a box

Marketing innovation is never a bad idea when dealing with ecommerce, especially with the rising competition. Everybody uses marketplace ads, offers discounts and participates in sale events. You can make your marketing campaign better by using your shipping boxes (packages) as marketing tools.

But, how do you include them in our marketing plan?

Marketing requires content here are 4 kinds of content your product package should contain in addition to the product ordered:

  1. Printed product catalogues

This is a perfect approach if you sell multiple products online. For example, if you sell men’s wear this includes sub-categories like:

It would be wise to get each of your products as much attention as possible. You can achieve this by including a simple catalogue of our other products in packages being shipped. This way the consumer is aware of what you are selling and only sees your commodities and not your competition’s.

  1. Requests for reviews

Leave your consumer a small thank-you note for the purchase made. This will let the consumer know you appreciate doing business with him. Plus, it gives you the chance to add the link to your reviews page. Make sure the request for reviews and ratings is intriguing. Maybe a simple rhyme or a witty string of words that will get the consumer to go online and leave you a positive review.

  1. Valuable freebies

In addition to the actual purchase you can also include a freebie. For example, in case the purchase is a book you can include a fun bookmark that is completely distinct or advertises your ecommerce! Free screen guards or phone covers with the purchase of a mobile phone will be appreciated too.

People love free stuff and if they know they’ll receive additional goodies for a certain sum, you will easily become their all time favourite. Just make sure your freebies are useful to the buyer. Otherwise, the inclusion on a freebie will not have the desired effect.

  1. Treat your customer

Like freebies, you can treat your customer with gift cards, coupons, chocolates, and other cool gifts. Say a consumer purchases 5 pairs of shoes from you (in one go), they certainly need to be credited for their bulk purchase. You can show your appreciation by treating them to a pedicure, free vouchers and other amazing treats. You can consider starting up a deal with the voucher providing vendors for mutual business benefits.

In case you are selling through your own online store, you can provide exclusive discount codes to consumers. And if you happen to have an offline store, you can offer discount coupons that can be redeemed at your store itself.

If you sell on an online marketplace make sure the platform doesn’t have any regulations against the above tricks. And if you’ve tried these ecommerce shipping tricks before let us know in the comments below. Also tell us how they’ve helped your business.

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