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Browntape eCommerce Management Software

Our clients love Browntape for its easy to use interface. It simplifies your day to day eCommerce management in multiple ways. 

Browntape’s multi-channel software pulls in eCommerce orders automatically from all online stores in one place, where you can bulk print, ship and track orders. Stocks get updated on all channels automatically when you sell to anyone.

Our customised Enterprise ERP integration has enabled multiple brands go eCommerce. Our omnichannel solutions have one of the quickest turn-around time. 

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Why Clients Love Browntape

  • Easy to Use Software
  • Delightful User Interface
  • Expertise in Enterprise eCommerce ERP Integration
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • 85+ Stable Integrations

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Vinculum Alternative Unicommerce Alternative

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Browntape was founded in 2012 by Gurpreet Singh and Piyush Goel. Launched with the single-minded vision of simplifying eCommerce for sellers; the company currently caters to large eCommerce sellers and brands. Over its existence, the Unicommerce alternative has enabled many large enterprises to go eCommerce via customised ERP integrations. 

Clients love the simple & delightful user interface of the Vinculum alternative. UI and UX have been at the centre of Browntape’s design. The insights dashboard on Browntape provides geography-wise and multiple parameter based data; a visual panel that Browntape users find useful. The automated batch processing by this Unicommerce alternative cuts down daily order processing time. If you are trying to decide between Unicommerce  v/s Browntape or Vinculum v/s Browntape; you can explore more here.

To summarise, Browntape provides inventory management, warehouse management, customised ERP integrations, order management, automated shipping batches, SKU ledger, return management, purchase management, offline store syncing, reports, insights and more. Most importantly, Browntape provides a dedicated account manager to every client; be it an eCommerce seller or a large brand. Hence many look at Browntape as a Unicommerce alternative or a Vinculum alternative. 



Unicommerce is one of the leading providers of cloud-based eCommerce software solutions. The Gurgaon based company was founded by IIT alumni- Ankit Pruthi, Karun Singla, Vibhu Garg and Manish Gupta in 2012. They quit the company in 2017; about two years after their acquisition by Snapdeal. Unicommerce esolutions  is driven by its CEO Kapil Makhija.

The SaaS-based software product known better as Uniware is used for features such as Unicommerce payments and cross-border solutions. In terms of markets, they cater to not just India but MEA and SEA too. 

Unicommerce has a mobile-based app. The uniware mobile app can be accessed via the uniware login page. The idea behind uniware mobile app has been to give quick access to users via mobile. While most users may find it cumbersome to run daily order processing and inventory management via the uniware mobile app; it is a good interface for top management to take a bird’s eye view. 



Vinculum Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is another major player in the eCommerce SaaS space. Also know as Vinculum group, the company was founded by the CEO; Mr. Venkat Knott. The company focuses on providing omnichannel retail solutions to companies in various international geographies. 

Vinculum Group has a reconciliation software called Vinreco which is especially useful for companies who do not have a dedicated accountant.  Vinculum conducts a host of interesting webinars which provide insights to players in the eCommerce ecosystem. 

Vinculum Solutions Pvt. Ltd is based in New Delhi. Just like Browntape, they provide warehouse management services, marketplace integrations, inventory management and more. Vinculum group lets sellers sell on multiple marketplaces easily. 

Browntape is a well-known  Unicommerce & Vinculum Alternative.
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