The game is on – e-sellers versus Flipkart-Amazon-Snapdeal

E-commerce is like a family – to make it work, everyone in the ecosystem has to work on their relationships, make compromises, have proper communication, and most importantly, know that the effort is worth it. The buzzword in Indian economy functions only with the cooperation of multiple segments – offline retailers, online retailers, logistics partners, delivery boys, and most importantly customers.

In the last few years, since the country witnessed the birth and growth of e-commerce, all the top players – homegrown rivals Flipkart and Snapdeal, their American competitor Amazon, younger unicorn ShopClues – have been racing to get the maximum number of sellers on their respective platforms: for the simple reason that it provides more selection and possibly more discounts to the customers.

In the last six to seven months, however, e-commerce majors and their sellers have had quite a frictional relationship. Reportedly struggling with funding crunch, Flipkart increased their commission, whereas Amazon – perfectly timing its counter move – decreased theirs. Flipkart’s recent hike in commission has irked their sellers so much that many threatened to quit the platform.

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