How Technology can Transform Online Sales

How Technology can Transform Online Sales

How Technology Can Transform Online Sales Most consumers today prefer buying online through stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. If you have chosen to sell online through the same stores, chances are you are doing pretty well. You are also probably looking for a way to increase sales. Here are a few reasons how harnessing […]

Hottest Product Categories in Indian Online Retail

Online retail profits have been leapfrogging for the past few years in India. Especially with the advent of cheap smartphone technology and the enthusiasm online retail platforms have provided in terms of m-commerce, online sales have truly skyrocketed. The first question every prospective online retailer has in mind is – ‘What do I sell?’ There […]

How to choose the right domain for your online store

It can be a daunting process to set up a new website, especially if that website is crucial for your business. If you are an online retailer looking to branch out and host your own online store, this article is for you. Designing a website is just a fraction of this process. Various intrinsic systems […]

What is Mobile Commerce? Should You Capitalise on it?

If you have not heard about mobile commerce or m-commerce, you are already a bit late to the party. The steady shift of retail from offline to online seems to have culminated into the world of smartphones, tablets and smart wearables. And it was a well-expected change. With the rise of the smartphone era, internet […]

Contractual manufacturer to Online Brand – BagsRUs’ journey with Browntape

For 22 years, Mihir Desai steered his company in the direction of contractual manufacturing. With focus on comfort, reliability and durability, each product is made combining the latest designs and functionality aspect in mind. Being contractual manufacturers, top quality bags of different kinds were made by BagsRUs for various brands and corporates over the years. […]

How did Browntape multiply 60-year old Renka’s online sales in just 6 months?

Established in 1958, Rosy Hosiery Mills (RHM) has been in the business of manufacturing and exporting a number of products including fabric, garments, home furnishing, baby products and accessories. Their products are designed n tune with global style and colour trends, and have been well received by customers over the years. On the manufacturing front, […]

Making the Most of Your Independent Website

Online selling newbies always have to deal with an important question – marketplace or dedicated website? Creating and managing a website to sell your products online, while competing with giants like Amazon and Flipkart can be a daunting task, because of which novice sellers are advised to start slow, and stick with the online marketplace […]

Things You Need to Take Care of During the Pre-Order Stage

Being a successful e-commerce business can be very rewarding, but it also requires a lot of careful planning and effort to make it that way. Previously, we have discussed how an online business operation can be divided into three parts – the pre-order stage, the ordering stage and the post-order stage. We have already discussed […]

How to Decide If You Need a Dedicated E-Commerce Site

After spending a bit of time on online marketplaces and getting acclimatized to the working environment on the web, many sellers start wondering whether now is the time to break off and fly solo by investing in a dedicated website. This has many reasons – the lack of creativity and customizability in terms of online […]

Why is Multi-Channel the Way to Go?

It is the traditional retailer’s worst nightmare to see a customer peruse an item in their store and then flip out a smartphone to order it online. Online sales are multiplying day by day because they offer customers much more than a traditional outfit can. Studies have consistently shown the power of consolidating various channels […]

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