Influencer Marketing Trends in E-commerce 2022

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Influencer Marketing Trends in Ecommerce 2022 Influencer Marketing is a term that has picked up recently with the rise in social media and social eCommerce. Surely with the lockdown digital means of businesses took the centre stage. Influencer marketing is one of the sectors that boomed during this period. Understanding what influencer marketing is – […]

What are the Top Social eCommerce Platforms In India?

Social eCommerce in India is growing at an immense rate. The growth was inevitable especially in India, due to a major section of the population adopting social media ranging from Facebook, Instagram, and even Tiktok. Social media penetrated tier III and even rural areas with the content being produced in Indian villages.  Incidentally, social eCommerce […]

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Online Marketplace Store

The big question every online retailer faces while starting out is how to get people to their online store. Although we regularly see the most bizarre things go viral on the internet (case in point, the kickstarter campaign for Exploding Cats), we never really imagine the same happening to our online enterprises. What we don’t […]

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