Common mobile commerce myths you probably believe!

We all know that mobile is big. Mobile commerce is slowly gaining traction in popularity among the online shoppers. So what are the statistics in favour of mobile? According to a Comscore report, by 2017, 25% of the total ecommerce sales are going to be through mobile. 60% of the time users spend on social […]

Web Commerce and Mobile Commerce – What’s the Difference?

The world of online retail is a complicated one, with multitudes of applications and technologies powering it. Yet, it seems like there are two main branches that have split from it and are going into two slightly different directions. These are e-commerce, or electronic commerce and m-commerce or mobile commerce. Although e-commerce and m-commerce are […]

What is Mobile Commerce? Should You Capitalise on it?

If you have not heard about mobile commerce or m-commerce, you are already a bit late to the party. The steady shift of retail from offline to online seems to have culminated into the world of smartphones, tablets and smart wearables. And it was a well-expected change. With the rise of the smartphone era, internet […]