Why Blogging is Essential, for Your E-commerce Website

E-Commerce Sites

If you visit a top e-commerce website, you are most likely to find a section for blogs. If not right on the top, then right at the bottom. Many online sellers are unaware of the power of blogging and perceive blogs the same way it was perceived in the late 1990s. Back then, blogs were […]

Top Online Pharmacies & Wellness Marketplaces in India (2021)

Online Pharmacies in India

Online pharmacies and wellness marketplaces in India have been steadily evolving over the years. An online pharmacy is a website that sells health-related products & services. Up until recently, they were perceived as a niche e-commerce category. Many e-commerce sellers did not consider these as viable platforms for selling non-medical products. It made sense then, […]

How to deal with customers trying to rip you off

‘The customer is always right’, goes the dictum. Some might say that this is a very naive way of looking at things, and they won’t be completely wrong. The customer-seller relationship is based on a simple economic transaction, but it can lead to some complicated scenarios. Both the consumer and the seller are ultimately vying […]

Badges / Logos for Top E-commerce Sites & Shopping Carts in India

Free 150×150 Badges/ Logos/ Icons for E-commerce sites in India. Click to get a high resolution image. Feel free to use these badges as per your requirements anywhere you like by mentioning us in the credits. Free PSD File: Free Photoshop PSD file of Badges / Logos for E-commerce Sites in India List of Top E-commerce Marketplaces in India: (sites […]