Track Your Remittance: New Browntape feature

The best part about selling online on multiple channels is getting the rewards – payment. But payment procedures on e commerce sites are not as easy as they sound. A large company like Flipkart sells around 10 products per minute, and on a good sales day, makes more than Rs.600 crores in a day. Moving […]

How were Diwali Sales for Online Marketplace Sellers?

Expectations were high this Diwali season for both online marketplaces and the sellers selling on these platforms. With promises of ‘the best’ offers to customers, some were quite a success while some like Flipkart had to face the brunt of many. Who reached the expected sales figures? Or who achieved part of their targets? At Browntape […]

5 Reports You Should Make Every Week as an Online Business Owner

Owning and operating an online business can be a hectic task. Especially when you start getting established and recognized as a trustworthy seller, the orders just seem to keep flowing in. It is therefore important to cultivate certain ‘good habits’ in terms of operating your business early on, so that they stick even when the […]