SAP BAPI Integration for eCommerce

Achieve, Real-time Information Flow between your eCommerce Channels & SAP B1 ERP

Customized SAP BAPI Integration for eCommerce Browntape

Why Integrate your SAP B1 ERP (BAPI) & eCommerce Channel?

Automate your entire supply chain and build a truly omnichannel business.

SAP Business One is an ERP system widely used by small, mid-size and even some large businesses. SAP B1 integrates multiple business functions into a single digital platform giving you instant access to real-time information. SAP B1 is a business application that has several modules for different business functions. APIs and Add-Ons make the SAP B1 system modular, flexible and scalable.

What is SAP B1 ?

Core Modules/ Functionalities


SAP Business One APIs are used widely since being customizable is at the core of this ERP solution. SAP also has its own range of add-ons, which are either department specific or industry specific. SAP Bapi is also used by external solution providers like Browntape to provide customised solutions such as linking all your eCommerce channels to your SAP B1 ERP system.

At Browntape, we use our rich eCommerce experience, robust software and powerful middleware to create a seamless solution. Our start point SAP Business One API Gateway which gives us a unified service endpoint for Browntape to access your business data.

BAPI helps us push and pull data in almost real-time from your eCommerce marketplaces, online stores and offline channels (managed by SAP B1). API calls are used for seamless information by our developers.

How Does Browntape Implement Customised eCommerce Integration with SAP B1?

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