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Our clients love Browntape for its easy to use interface. It simplifies your day to day eCommerce management in multiple ways. 

Browntape’s multi-channel software pulls in eCommerce orders automatically from all online stores in one place, where you can bulk print, ship and track orders. Stocks get updated on all channels automatically when you sell to anyone.

Our customised Enterprise ERP integration has enabled multiple brands go eCommerce. Our omnichannel solutions have one of the quickest turn-around time. 

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Why Clients Love Browntape

  • Easy to Use Software
  • Delightful User Interface
  • Expertise in Enterprise eCommerce ERP Integration
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • 85+ Stable Integrations

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Browntape Best eCommerce Management Software


Browntape was founded in 2012 by Gurpreet Singh and Piyush Goel. Launched with the single-minded vision of simplifying eCommerce for sellers; the company currently caters to large eCommerce sellers and brands. Over its existence, the Unicommerce alternative has enabled many large enterprises to go eCommerce via customised ERP integrations. 

Clients love the simple & delightful user interface of the Vinculum alternative. UI and UX have been at the centre of Browntape’s design. The insights dashboard on Browntape provides geography-wise and multiple parameter based data; a visual panel that Browntape users find useful. The automated batch processing by this Unicommerce alternative cuts down daily order processing time. If you are trying to decide between Unicommerce  v/s Browntape or Vinculum v/s Browntape; you can explore more here.

To summarise, Browntape provides inventory management, warehouse management, customised ERP integrations, order management, automated shipping batches, SKU ledger, return management, purchase management, offline store syncing, reports, insights and more. Most importantly, Browntape provides a dedicated account manager to every client; be it an eCommerce seller or a large brand. Hence many look at Browntape as a Unicommerce alternative or a Vinculum alternative. 


OMSguru is an Ahmedabad based eCommerce software company that was founded in 2017. The company enlists Ketankumar Patel and Manisha Patel as its directors. Like Browntape, OMSguru’s cloud-based software solution provides return reconciliation, multichannel syncing and stock management. These are part of OMSguru’s order management system and inventory management system solution. 


eVanik provides what the company calls the Evanik One World Suite. The product, like Browntape, is targeted at eCommerce sellers, eCommerce companies and brands selling online. Broadly eVanik’s software offering Evanik OWS provides inventory management, including bundle creation, product SKU mapping, multichannel mapping, low stock alerts, etc. It was founded by Mayank Kumar and is registered as eVanik Networks Private Limited. 


Ezyslips is mainly an order fulfilment platform that allows eCommerce sellers to process their orders by bulk printing picklists, order labels and invoices. In terms of integration, its main eCommerce marketplace presence as per Ezyslips website is on Amazon and Flipkart. It has integrated some carts and couriers too. Ezyslips also provides return tracking. 


Omuni is a software launched by Arvind Internet, a company attached to Arvind Ltd. (A lifestyle and fashion company). Their product suite consists of a commerce site builder and Omuni, which basically allows integration into third-party POS systems, warehouse management systems, marketplaces, and ERP. Omuni is a largely offline retail focussed company with a stated network of 5000+ stores under its umbrella. 


Easyecom is another omnichannel, cloud-based software that provides eCommerce management solutions as a SaaS. As per their website, Easyecom is integrated with 16 marketplaces, aggregators, POS software, ERP solutions (Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Busines One). Easyecom provides inventory management, order management, warehouse management, and POS solutions. The company is based in Bengaluru, India. 


Happysellers is a relatively new company in the eCommerce management software space. Its software offering is focused on Flipkart. For example, Happysellers’ Dot Assured product helps process Flipkart Smart Fulfilled Orders- which is process & dispatch orders. Dot Inward helps bulk inward Smart Fulfilled inventory. 

Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform is a product of Shopsense Retail Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and is headquartered in Mumbai. The software is mainly focused on getting offline retailers online and helping them with whatever it takes to run their eCommerce business. It provides order management for eCommerce websites and bulk processing for the same. It allows users to upload catalogues from various marketplaces. 

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