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“How to Register as a Seller on AJIO”, is a common question we get asked by eCommerce sellers that use Browntape. AJIO is a  Reliance owned online fashion portal. Launched in 2016, the site took its time to gather momentum. Fighting against already established giants – Jabong, Myntra and ABOF back then was a challenge. However, in 2020, AJIO announced that it had grown 4X times its pre-covid levels. As per Ahrefs, the platform has an average of 3.1 million organic traffic per month. So, it suffices to say that for any eCommerce sellers in the fashion and lifestyle segment, AJIO is an important platform. Before we cover the main question, let us explore a bit more about AJIO. 

What are the Categories on AJIO? caters to the fashion & lifestyle segment. There is another portal called AJIO Business which is also owned by Reliance. This is a B2B portal that caters to retailers who want to purchase directly from manufacturers. There, the products are extensively in the clothing range. On however, we can find a wide range of fashion & lifestyle products and even products from under the Reliance umbrella such as those sold at Reliance Trends and Trends Footwear stores. The categories include but are not restricted to : 

Indie Category: Indie is a special category on AJIO which supports hand-made, artisan products from India. As per the site, they cover 500 Artisan Vendors and most interestingly 53 GI clusters. Apart from regular products like sarees, kurtas, etc.; buyers can purchase regional specialties such as Kutch embroidery, Orissa Ikkat, Ajrak, Banarasi Brocades, Kalamkari, Bagru, Chanderi, and more. 

Home & Kitchen: This category has multiple well-known brands in its repertoire such as DDecor, MUJI, Chumbak, Portico New York, Jaipur Fabric, etc. Other sellers listed product groups include bed linen, cushions, covers, home decor items, carpets, rugs, and more. 

World Crafts: Although this category on AJIO has some items from the Indie segment, there are earrings, accessories, and bags that have been listed as being inspired by Turkish, Vietnamese, and Thai designs. While the country of origin is India. 

What are the Business Models on AJIO? 


One must note that AJIO is a closely curated platform. Meaning, that the team plays a large role in determining who sells, what they sell, and how they list it. Hence, it is not a pure marketplace where sellers have total control over their business on the platform. 

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How to Register as a Seller on Ajio?

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The Process: Get On-boarded as a Seller on AJIO

Reliance has created a single portal for seller registration, whether they sell on AJIO, Jiomart or Reliance Digital. They treat any seller on their platforms as a “supplier”. So the common steps to register on any of these platforms are as follows. Do note, it helps to treat this registration as a college application or loan application- as AJIO is very careful about who they on-board as a seller. So put your best foot forward. 

Tips on Increasing Your Chances of Being On-boarded

As mentioned earlier, AJIO is selective about the sellers it on-boards.Hence the following help increase your chances in your application:

Registering as a Seller on AJIO- Next Steps

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We hope the above steps, give you a simplified breakdown of registering as a seller on AJIO. All the best for your seller on-boarding process!