Flipkart Big Billion Day – Did other marketplaces gain

Online retailer Flipkart, which took quite a few knocks during its big discounted sale day last October, has started preparing for another such event at the end of this year that will be “many times bigger” and is working to improve its ability to anticipate demand, deliver goods faster and eliminate sub-standard and fake products.”Big Billion Day this year will be many times bigger. We also want to see our mobile platform play a larger role in serving customers during this years’ sale,” Bansal told ET in an interview. Mobile commerce is growing twice as fast as desktop for Flipkart and currently accounts for over half of the company’s sales. “The pace at which this medium is catching up with and even surpassing desktops is faster than what we have seen in the US or China, where the concept of mobile commerce has been around for longer,” he said.

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